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Road Closures & River Levels

Information on River Levels

Road Closures Updated 3-22-19 // 9:40 a.m.

Current Road Closures

  • Otis Rd
  • A St SW
  • Bowling St between A and C St SW
  • Old River Rd
  • 1st St NW between O Ave and Penn Ave NW


  • Ellis Rd west of Edgewood Rd
  • Ellis Blvd Between Ellis Ln and 18th St NW
  • 1st St NW between E Ave and O Ave NW
  • Intersection of C Street SW and Bowling Street SW
  • Ely Road at Old River Road
  • Edgewood Rd NW between Glass Rd and River Bluff Drive
  • Bowling St SW from 33rd Ave to 41st Ave
  • Hawkeye Downs Rd from 6th St to J St SW
  • J St SW

March 19 Update
The City’s flood protection measures are in place and holding as anticipated. Public Works staff continue to remain on 24-hour shifts to monitor river levels and protection measures.

Roads anticipated to open sometime on Wednesday, March 20 include Edgewood Road NW, 1st Street NW, and the intersection of Bowling Street and C Street SW. Additional roads will reopen in the Time Check (NW side) and Czech Village District (SW side) later this week.

The boat ramps along the Cedar River will remain closed until river levels reach 13 feet or lower, likely later this week.

March 18 Update
The City’s flood protection measures are in place and holding as anticipated. The Cedar River is expected to crest later today at just over 18 feet. Flood measures include concrete cones over manholes, pumps, sand-filled HESCOS behind the Police Station, and plugging underground storm sewer pipes. Roads have been closed in low-lying areas adjacent to the river; motorists are reminded to never drive through standing water and to heed all road closure barricades. 

March 17 Update
The City is addressing increased river stage elevations. The Cedar River is anticipated to crest on Monday just over 18 feet; the Public Works Department will be taking additional measures to build up the protection already installed over the last several days. With protection measures in place, impacts are not anticipated to homes/businesses, but additional road closures will be in place.

Measures that will be undertaken today include:

  • Placing a row of sand-fill HESCO barriers in low-lying areas on the west side of the river
  • Crews will plug additional storm drains/manholes and will be proactively stationing additional pumps
  • These measures will be taking place in the Time Check Neighborhood (NW quadrant along the river), Czech Village District, and Kingston Village District (SW quadrant adjacent to 1st Street/C Street SW).

The City has also closed off its underground storm sewer system, which will prevent river water from backing up in the system and flooding streets and businesses.

Crews will continue to have staff on standby and monitor protection measures around the clock, and will remain in close contact with the National Weather Service for any changes to these crest predictions.



Park Closures
Updated 3.18.19 // 1:30pm

  • Cheyenne Dog Park closed
  • Trail at Cedar Lake closed
  • Trail from Ellis Park to Edgewood Rd. closed
  • Prairie Park Fishery Trail closed
  • Cedar Valley Trail from A St. to Tait Cummins closed
  • Sac & Fox Trail from Cole St. to Rosedale Ct. 
  • Cedar Valley Trail from 7th Ave to 12th Ave Bridge


Yard Waste Collection Advisory

Flooding has prompted the closure of the Solid Waste Agency A Street location and compost facility.

Starting Friday, March 15, the City of Cedar Rapids Solid Waste & Recycling division will be collecting yard waste in the same truck as garbage until the compost facility reopens. Garbage, recycling, and yard waste trucks will all continue to operate on schedule.

When yard waste is collected with garbage, it is buried at the landfill where it eventually converts into methane gas, which can be used to produce electricity.

Some customers may prefer to ensure their yard waste is composted — rather than converted into energy. These customers can hold their YARDY carts back from collection at the curb until the compost facility reopens. We anticipate the compost facility will reopen sometime next week.

Yard waste (YARDY) carts should never be filled with garbage.

Customers can sign up for Garbage and Recycling text and email updates via the CRNewsNow.com webpage.

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