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The Vision

  • Cedar Rapids recognizes and respects its cultural and industrial heritage; including its historic neighborhoods, immigrant past, artistic community, and agricultural foundation.
  • Cedar Rapids has a flourishing business environment which is acclaimed by the global business community, marketed to potential investors, and used to attract a diverse and skilled workforce.
  • The Cedar River is the focal point of the city and is a thriving cultural, recreational, and ecological destination for residents and tourists.
  • Cedar Rapids has a vibrant urban core; a place which celebrates a strong sense of community and which generates energy.

Guiding Principles

1. GROWTH: Our growth is strategic, sustainable, and planned

  • We prioritize mixed-use infill development and revitalization of Brownfield sites that utilize existing infrastructure.
  • New projects integrate commercial and residential uses and feature high quality architectural and natural elements, retaining the historic character of buildings and neighborhoods.
  • We follow neighborhood design guidelines for residential and commercial development.
  • Housing is available for residents of all income levels.
  • Our infrastructure suits the character of our city and is well managed with planned and funded maintenance.
  • Objective: Our urban core has mixed commerce, industry, and recreation that attract entrepreneurs, business of all sizes, residents, and visitors

2. STEWARDSHIP: We are stewards of our natural environmental resources

  • We are a regional leader in watershed management and collaborate with other communities in the Cedar River watershed.
  • Our community is recognized for our integrated work to reduce energy use, provide clean air and water, preserve and protect open space, and reduce solid waste.

3. ECONOMY: Our economic development is creative, evolving, and stable

  • Our economy is known for encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs, innovation, and sustainability.
  • We have adopted a proactive approach to economic development with a clear commitment to investment in long term job creation by embracing a culture of innovation.
  • Our business development organizations pursue a unified economic development strategy.
  • We have established defined economic districts including arts and cultural, business and financial, and tourist and recreational.
  • The vitality and economic livelihood of each of our citizens is a priority.
    • Objectives:
      • Our city is an example of a diverse recreational, cultural, and entertainment destination which represents the needs of many people. We have contemporary venues featuring diverse artists and rich cultural experiences for all, including active, established arts and cultural districts such as the Czech Village/New Bohemia Mainstreet. We have state-of-the-art athletic facilities which host year-round sporting events and tournaments.
      • Our planned economic development includes partnerships with regional colleges and universities to create an economic blueprint for the future and employment opportunities to retrain and retain a skilled labor workforce.

4. PARTNER: We are a leader and partner in promoting effective regional development and public/private partnerships

  • Cedar Rapids is the regional destination for business, culture, and recreation
  • Regional partnerships enrich and strengthen the individual communities
  • We partner to provide cost-effective transportation options throughout our region
  • We provide lifetime learning opportunities for everyone through public and private partnerships
  • We encourage non-profits to work together to improve efficiency and effective delivery of services
  • We utilize regional branding to attract and retain new business and human capital
    • Objectives:
      • All sections of Cedar Rapids are accessible by a wide range of transportation options, including pedestrian, trail, and mass-transit routes.
      • Our community is recognized for its commitment and innovative approach to high quality education and training. We support our schools and educators to provide safe and secure learning environments. Our education system is a catalyst for the recruitment and retention of new and next generation talent.

5. DIVERSITY: We recognize, celebrate and encourage the diverse components of our community

  • Our community provides resources to develop and support accessible opportunities for business, housing, and recreation programs
  • We are known as a fair, tolerant, and welcoming community to all
  • We actively attract and develop a talented workforce with diverse backgrounds and skill sets

6. HEALTH: We promote healthy lifestyles, health care, and health education for all community members

  • Accessibility to nutritious food, fitness activities, and recreation provides a balanced lifestyle for all
  • The community’s world-renowned healthcare professionals and facilities support our approach to unparalleled physical and mental healthcare services
  • Information, education, and all aspects of healthcare are available to every community member
    • Objectives:
      • We have a robust trail system, bike lanes, clean waterways and lakes, numerous golf courses, and neighborhood parks and pools
      • We provide for a year-round farmers market
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