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The City of Cedar Rapids empowers the Long Term Planning Commission (LTPC) to document the objectives and goals of the City over the next two decades. The commission’s full report includes a vision of Cedar Rapids’ self identity, guiding principles of how to achieve the vision, and objectives that should be attained collectively as a community.

In 2010, the LTPC met in the shadow of the floods of 2008 and an economic recession to review the 2030 Vision Statement developed by the previous commission in 2008. Challenges included finding balance between the current economic and environmental conditions while envisioning the future development of goods and services within the city. The commission looked at many aspects of the city and its region to create a unified vision of life in the City of Cedar Rapids by the year 2030.  How the vision is achieved is dependent upon partnerships made by government entities and with public and private organizations.

After revising the original document to include flood recovery and several other topics, the commission drew input from stakeholders throughout the community to pinpoint common themes, opportunities for improvement, and feedback on what is working and should be continued.  The stakeholder input was invaluable in preparing the 2030 Vision Statement.  Using the commission members input and stakeholder feedback, the commission prepared this document, which explains the commission’s process, states the 2030 Vision Statement and includes guiding principles for the City of Cedar Rapids (to be reviewed and adopted by the Council).

By order of the City Charter, this process will be repeated in three years by a subsequent commission and the Vision Statement will be revised to provide for environmental, political, economic or other changes experienced in the regional community.

2010 Long Term Planning Commission Appointees

  • Jasmine Al-Moayed

  • Edward Bertch

  • Nichelle Cline

  • Gerard Estella

  • Ruth Hart

  • Sarah Henderson

  • Betsy Huston

  • April Mead

  • Max Miller

  • Sridip Mukhopadyaya

  • Jennie Ocken

  • Maura Pilcher

  • William Prowell

  • Claudette Roby

  • Ryan Russell

  • Aaron Saylor

  • Erick Skogman

  • Steve Sovern

  • Mary (Kate) Varcoe

  • Andrew Visser

  • Chair: Mayor Ron Corbett

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