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Paving for Progress 

2017 Construction Season Kicking Off
The fourth construction season of the Paving for Progress campaign is underway, with 30 projects planned for the 2017 year. To date, 79 projects have been completed thanks to the local option sales tax. 

Complete list of 2017 improvements include:

  • Seminole Valley Rd NE from 42nd St to Fords Crossing Rd
  • Northwood Dr NE from 42nd St to Brookland Dr
  • C Ave NE from Collins Rd to 40th St
  • 29th St Dr / 30th St Dr from 1st Ave to Tama St 
  • 1st Ave Bridge 
  • 3rd Ave SW from 6th St to 1st St 
  • West Post Rd NW from Plainview Dr to Gordon Ave 
  • E Ave NE from 19th St to 20th St
  • 16th Ave SE from 4th St to 5th St
  • Memorial Dr SE from Bever Ave to Mt Vernon Rd 
  • 14th Ave SE from 36th St to 42nd St
  • G Ave NE from 35th St to 36th St
  • Brookland Dr NE from Tanager Dr to End
  • Falcon Dr NE from Wenig Rd to Eagle Ct 
  • Andover Ln SE from Trail Ridge Rd to cul-de-sac
  • 6th St SE from 2nd Ave to 3rd Ave 
  • 11th St SW from 18th Ave to 16th Ave
  • 18th Ave SW from 11th St to 12th St 
  • Drexel Dr SW from 1st Ave to Langdon Ave
  • Outlook Dr SW from 29th Ave SW to Clover Dr
  • 21st St NW from Johnson Ave to Burch Ave
  • 13th St NW from A Ave to B Ave
  • D Ave NE from 38th St to 39th St
  • Elmhurst Dr NE from Oakland Rd to Wildwood Dr 
  • Elmhurst Dr NE from Wildwood Dr to Maplewood Dr
  • Madison St NE from 29th Street to 32nd Street 
  • 2nd Ave SE from 19th St to Cresent St
  • Park Terrace SE from Bever Ave to Grande Ave
  • Iris Ave NW and Camelot Ave NW
  • Mt Vernon Rd SE from East Post Rd to 44th St (joint project with Linn County)
How Roads are Prioritized

In order to maximize our dollars as much as possible, the City developed the 10-year management plan using pavement condition data collected on every single roadway in Cedar Rapids. This data ensures we are identifying roads that would help us make the most overall impact to our entire road network. The resulting prioritization list is data driven, impartial, and measurable. 

The plan blends two primary needs:

  • Our desire to fully rehabilitate roads that have reached the end of their life
  • Our desire to keep our infrastructure from falling into the state of deterioration that we see today

While the program provides approximately $18 million each year, we will still have unmet needs at the end of the 10-year program. It is our goal to prioritize our projects using as much data as we can, in order to make the most overall impact to the condition of our roadways.

Download the Capital Improvement Plan

Project Information
Click the interactive map below for project details:
An interactive map on our 10-year road campaign

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