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Shaver Road Bridge // 2020 - 2023

  • Phase I: 2020-2021 | Extension and partial demolition of existing bux culvert, utility relocations
  • Phase II: 2021-2022 | Shaver Road bridge replacement and trail underpass 
  • Phase III: 2021-2023 | Environmental improvements to streambed

Cedar Valley Nature Trail Closure // 2020 - 2023
Closed from 10th Street NE, along McLoud Run, and south to the Cedar Lake Loop located at the northwest corner of Cedar Lake. A detour has been established along 10th Street NE. The trail segment in this area will remain closed for approximately the next three years as work is completed at the Shaver Road bridge and levee construction begins.

Future flood control in this area will include a new levee and trail system west of Shaver Road and south of McLoud Run, with the trail built on top of the levee (similar to the Sinclair levee). The levee and trail system will include amenities such as a trail parking lot, pedestrian benches, and scenic viewpoints. When all flood control measures are completed in this area, it will wrap around Cedar Lake, tying into high ground at I-380 near J Avenue, and will protect homes and businesses threatened when the Cedar River backs up into McLoud Run and Cedar Lake

1st Avenue SE Floodgate // 2021-2022

  • Roller gate, similar to 16th Avenue SE
  • 1st Avenue to remain open during construction, lane reductions in effect

Lot 44 Levee // 2020 - 2021

  • Located in the NewBo District, between 9th Avenue and 12th Avenue
  • Parking restrictions will be in place during construction 
  • DownloadMap of Parking Impacts

3rd Avenue SE Removable Flood Gates // 2020 - 20213RD AVE FLOOD GATE concept

  • 3rd Avenue closed during construction
  • Permanent columns on sidewalk
  • Stackable panel gate during flood
  • Protects to 2008 volume
  • Deployed for a 22 ft river elevation

Czech Village Stormwater Gate // 2021

  • Underground gate, prevents river water from backing up into storm sewer system
  • Reduces reliance on plugs/pumps used as temporary protection
  • Future pump stationn planned for Czech Village District

Otis Road Area Storm Sewer // Spring 2021-Fall 2021

  • New storm sewer along Otis Road (16th Street - Van Vechten Park)
  • Upgrading storm sewer underneath future levee
  • Tree clearing at Van Vechten Park to prevent tree debris clogging stormwater pipes
  • Ensures excess rain water can escape, instead of backing up into the neighborhood

Tree of Five Seasons // 2022

  • Sculpture elevated and realigned to accommodate levee

Amphitheatre floodwall // 2020 - 2021Restroom and Storage

  • Facility has built-in floodwall to 2008 volume
  • Restroom
  • Storage for events
  • Eliminates porta-potties for 2,000 person-events

16th Avenue Gateways16th Ave Gate entering Czech Village

  • East side entering Czech Village 
  • West side entering NewBo 


Masaryk Park Memorial  // 2021 - Fall 2021

  • Reinstating memorial markers that were moved during levee construction.Masaryk Park monument rendering
  • Recall individuals significant to the history and development of the New Bohemia District. 
  • Replacing flag poles
  • Bike racks and plantings

Quaker Oats Flood Wall // 2018 - 2021

  • First major permanent protection Rendering of Quaker Oats flood walldowntown.
  • Protects one of the nation's leading agricultural producers.
  • 2,100 linear feet of permanent flood wall.
  • Will ultimately protect to the 2008 flood volume.
  • Includes pump station upgrades, water transmission main relocation, and railroad closure gate.

O Avenue NW Gateway at Levee // Design Underway, Construction TBD

O Ave Gateway

  • O Avenue NW elevated over levee (levee 1/2 block east of gateway)
  • Serves as Gateway to Greenway
  • New accessible ramp from raised O Avenue to Memorial Plaza

E and F Avenue NW Reconfiguration // Design Underway, Construction TBDE and F Ave reconfiguration

  • Eliminates complex geometry at intersection where 1st Street NW, E Avenue NW, F Avenue NW, and the I-380 off-ramp all come together
  • Simplified design; more intuitive
  • Accommodates permanent flood control measures such as levee and pump station

8th Avenue Bridge & Riverfront Improvements // 2023+

8th Ave bridge sketch_web

  • Bridge remains open during floods
  • Fewer piers in river
  • Elevated 15 feet
  • Raised above 2008 volume
  • Flood wall
  • Pump station
  • Public gathering spaces
  • Complements Amphitheatre
  • Indoor/outdoor public space
  • Streetscaping/lighting
  • Trail

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