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Solar Energy
Solar energy is a clean energy source that businesses and residents in Cedar Rapids continue to explore and install. Learn here how this renewable energy is powering several City facilities. Find out if it’s an option that may work for you.  The Solar Group Buy is back in 2019!  Head to www.GrowSolar.org/LinnCounty to learn if the group buy model will make solar attractive for you this summer.

Storm Drain Mural Project
Storm drain murals contribute to downtown vibrancy while conveying an important message — "only rain belongs in storm drains!"  7 murals were completed in 2018, and 8 more will be completed in 2019.

Spring iGreenCR Tours - sign-up form
Based on success of previous City facility tours in 2018, three more tours for City staff and members of the public are scheduled and available for sign-up now.  Use the sign-up form linked above to sign-up for any or all three:  Water Pollution Control (past), CR/LC Solid Waste Agency's Compost Operation (June 21), and NW Water Plant (July 19).

The Sustainability Tool for Assessing and Rating Communities (STAR)  NEW RATING!
Cedar Rapids is a Certified 4-STAR Community.  STAR is the national framework for measuring community sustainability.  Using insights from STAR as well as existing Council priorities, the City will create its first municipal sustainability plan, the iGreenCR Action Plan.   

Sustainability Map NEW INTERACTIVE MAP!
Sustainability's not always easy to see.  Check out this new, growing tool from the City focused on visualizing sustainability features in the community.  Pro tip:  The fruit trees--those are on City property, and you can eat them.

City Careers in Sustainability
Take a look at this new resource that shares the story of 9 City employees and how their job is a sustainability job.  Working on resource conservation is something we all do at the City.  For students or others interested in making this part of their careers, this is a great resource to show how 9 City employees embrace sustianabiltiy and work on it in different ways as part of our central City government mission.

State of Affairs Report

This foundational document is intended to build a common language and understanding about the challenges (there are many), opportunities (many more), and options in front of us. It’s a scan of what’s out there and what’s possible as we embark on this journey.

Sustainable City Talks
Engaging presentations and Q&As to help educate employees and our citizens concerning what the science says about sustainability and how area businesses are incorporating sustainable practices and values into their organizations.

Sustainability at Work
Green purchasing, zero-waste programs, idling reduction policies, and more. See how the City is leading by example and encouraging our employees to be more sustainable in their day-to-day work lives.

Everyone can be a part of the iGreenCR team as we all work together to create a more sustainable and greener community.

iGreenCR Newsletter
Sign up to receive monthly newsletters concerning our City's sustainability efforts and view past editions of the publication.

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