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Voluntary Surveillance Camera Registration Program

Voluntary Surveillance Camera Registration Program

The Cedar Rapids Police Department is encouraging citizens to register their private surveillance cameras with the Police Department to help reduce crime in our community and aid in the apprehension of criminals.  

Camera footage has proven instrumental in solving and prosecuting crimes.  This new voluntary registration program allows citizens to be proactive in their neighborhoods.  If a crime should occur, the registration database will be beneficial for officers and investigators to be able to know where surveillance video may be available.  Typically, officers and investigators are required to canvass neighborhoods to obtain this information; this new program will be a more efficient means of crime investigation.  

Registration database information will not be available to the public; rather the information collected is only for law enforcement use.  The Police Department will not be able to look at camera images without permission of the owner.  Camera images would be requested only for aiding a criminal investigation.  There are no minimum camera equipment requirements and the Police Department is not inspecting any of these personal surveillance systems.  

This voluntary registration program is not a suitable substitute for the current business surveillance cameras in service as part of the City’s surveillance camera ordinance.  

To register your surveillance cameras, please visit www.cedar-rapids.org/police.

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