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Scooters Join Bike Share

Scooters Join Bike Share

August 29, 2019

Cedar Rapids Bike Share System Adds Scooters

Starting August 30, the Cedar Rapids bike share system will add a pilot program featuring electric scooters. These are owned and operated by VeoRide, the same company who supplies and maintains the e-bikes. The pilot program will consist of 30 scooters, which will be located in downtown, NewBo, and Czech Village, along with the campuses of Coe College and Mount Mercy University.

Residents can rent a scooter through the same system used by the e-bikes:

  1. Download the VeoRide mobile app for free
  2. Create an account
  3. Scan the QR code on any scooter to begin a ride

Scooter and e-bike pricing are the same:

  • $1 to unlock
  • $0.15 per minute (the fare ends when you lock your scooter)

At the end of your ride, you may park your scooter in any bike share station—green bike racks customized for the bike share system. The City is also painting designated parking areas for scooters, located in the right-of-way near already existing bike racks. Parking in bike racks or in designated parking areas ensures sidewalks and building entrances remain open and accessible for pedestrians, while keeping the system neat and organized.

Safety Reminders
To ensure safety for all users, scooters are not permitted to ride on sidewalks in core neighborhoods (downtown, NewBo, Czech Village) and must use a bike lane when available. Like cyclists, scooter riders are strongly encouraged to wear a helmet.

About the Bike Share Program
Since its launch in May, the bike share program has had over 4,000 app users and a total of 8,700 rides, with an average of 100 rides per day.

The system is operated by VeoRide, which currently employees two full time staff members to maintain the system, including returning bikes to stations, ensuring the bikes and scooters are in good working order, moving bikes to high-demand stations, and responding to any customer service issues.

With the launch of the scooters, VeoRide will be adding at least one more full time staff member. The bike share program is funded through user fares, and is operated at no cost to the City.

Report a Concern
Users can report an issue with a specific bike or scooter through the mobile app, and anyone can contact VeoRide’s customer service to report a problem with the system:

Call: 1-855-836-2256
Email: hello@veoride.com

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