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2019 Paving for Progress Accomplishments

2019 Paving for Progress Accomplishments

November 22, 2019

 2019 Paving for Progress Accomplishments

The 2019 Paving for Progress construction year is coming to an end, which included more than 15 linear miles of roadway improvements for the completion of 47 projects on both local and arterial roads. This was the sixth year of the program, and the single best year on record for number of miles completed.

Project highlights:

  • Johnson Ave NW: Final year of a two-year project, which included roadway reconstruction, utilities, sidewalk, and a roundabout at Johnson Avenue and Jacolyn Drive.
  • E Ave NW and Stoney Point Rd NW: Final year of a two-year project to improve roadway surface and add curb, gutters and sidewalk to E Ave NW from Hwy 100 to Stoney Point Road. Also replaced Stoney Point Rd NW from E Ave to Cherry Hill Park, and added a roundabout at the intersection of these two streets. 
  • 3rd Ave SE: Pavement improvements between 1st St SW and 19th St SE; additional project improvements not funded by Paving for Progress included intersection modifications in Wellington Heights, conversion to two-way traffic, and aesthetic enhancements on the bridge.
  • Memorial Dr SE: Multi-year improvements to Memorial Dr on both sides of Mt Vernon Rd were completed this year. The section between Bever Ave and Mt Vernon was completely reconstructed, with utility improvements and sidewalk extension. The pavement from Mt Vernon Rd to McCarthy Rd was resurfaced, and utilities upgraded.
  • Mt. Vernon Road SE: Surface improvements and utilities between 38th Street and East Post Road; also added new traffic signal at 40th Street and reconfigured travel lanes to improve safety. 
  • 32nd Street / Center Point Road: Intersection reconstruction, pedestrian crossing improvements, and new turn lanes at intersection; pavement improvements on Center Point Road between 29th Street and 32nd Street.
  • Council Street: Completely reconstructed between Collins Road and Noelridge Park’s south entrance, with utility and pedestrian access improvements.
  • Numerous neighborhood streets throughout every quadrant of the city.

Projects Scheduled for Completion in 2019:

1. 11th St SW from 3rd Ave to 8th Ave
2. 12th Ave SE from 3rd St to 7th St
3. 12th Ave SE from 17th St to east of 19th St
4. 19th Ave SW from 11th St to 9th St
5. 19th St NE from C Ave to E Ave
6. 1st Ave W from Stoney Point Rd to Broadmore Rd
7. 20th St SE from Bever Ave to Washington Ave
8. 23rd St SE from Meadowbrook Dr to 5th St
9. 28th Ave SW from 27th St to 31st St
10. 2nd Ave SE from 12th St to 19th St
11. 3rd Ave Bridge
12. 3rd Ave SE from 1st St to 19th St
13. 3rd St SE from 5th Ave to 8th Ave
14. 42nd St NE from C Ave to F Ave
15. 6th Street SW from 66th Ave to 76th Ave
16. 8th Ave SW from 18th St to 15th St
17. Adirondack Dr NE from Wasatch Ct to s/o McKinsie Ct
18. Arizona Ave NE from Center Point Rd to Lawrence St
19. Bezdek Dr NW from Topaz Ave to Midway Dr
20. Carpenter Dr NE from Wolf Creek Trail to Miller Rd
21. Center Point Rd NE from 29th St to 32nd St
22. Cherry Hill Rd SW from Johnson Ave to 1st Ave
23. Council St NE from s/o 46th St to Collins Rd
24. Dairydale Ct SE, 32nd St to Knoll St
25. Dalewood Ave SE from 34th St to 35th St
26. East Post Rd SE from south of Fox Meadow Dr to south of Cottage Grove Ave
27. Edgewood Rd SW from 33rd Ave to Wilson Ave
28. Ellis Blvd NW from I Ave to O Ave
29. Floral Dr NW from Midway Dr to Pearl Ave
30. Forest Dr SE from Grande Ave to Mt Vernon Rd
31. Glass Rd NE from Wenig Rd to Rosewood Ct
32. H Ave NW from 10th St to 8th St
33. Johnson Ave NW from 1st Ave to Jacolyn Dr, and from Wellesley Ct to Wesley Dr
34. Matthew Dr SW from 29th St to 25th St
35. Meadowlark Ln NW from 1st Ave to Skyline Dr
36. Memorial Dr SE from McCarthy Rd to Mt Vernon Rd
37. Memorial Dr SE from Mt Vernon Rd to Bever Ave
38. Mt Vernon Rd SE from 38th St to East Post Rd
39. Outlook Dr SW from 29th Ave to Red Wing Rd
40. Park Ave SE from 19th St to 21st St
41. Pearl Ave NW from Floral Dr to Shetland Dr
42. Short St NW from Johnson Ave to Rich Mar Ct
43. Silverthorne Rd NE from Coppermill Rd NE to Dead End
44. Stoney Point Rd NW from E Ave to Cherry Hill Park
45. Teakwood Ln NE from C Ave to Purple Dr
46. Washington Ave SE from 19th St to 20th St
47. Willow St SW from 29th St to 25th St

Project that will carry over into 2020

  • Midway Dr NW from West Post Rd to Zelda Dr, and from Alma Dr to Wiley Blvd

Looking Ahead – Projects Slated for 2020

  • O Ave NW from 16th St to 24th St: Full reconstruction including pavement, utilities and sidewalk replacement. The O Ave project schedule:
    - 2018 (completed): Ellis Blvd to 16th St 
    - 2020: 16th St to 24th St 
    - 2021: 24th St to Edgewood Rd 
  • 6th St SW from Wilson Ave to 33rd Ave: Pavement, water main improvements, and road diet (transition from two lanes in each direction, to one each direction with a center turn lane). Sidewalk added in 2021.
  • Old Marion Rd NE from south of Regent St to C Ave: Pavement and minor utility work. 
  • Council Street NE from Collins Road to Blairs Ferry Rd: Pavement improvements.


Paving for Progress began during the summer of 2014 and started with streets that required minimal design considerations or complexities. The program has since evolved to include a 10-year capital improvement plan that includes a prioritization list and recommended treatment methods, based on data on city roadways.

To date, the program has made the following impacts:

  • Linear miles of roadway improved: 58.3
  • Investment as of October 31, 2019: approximately $101 million
  • Projects completed to date: 180
  • 69% of completed projects have been local/residential
  • 31% of completed projects have been arterial


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