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Pothole Patching Underway

Pothole Patching Underway

February 27, 2020

Pothole Patching Underway

Public Works crews are conducting pothole patching operations as we enter spring-time freeze/thaw cycles. This time of year, variations in temperature are extreme and moisture from rain or melting snow seeps into pavement and freezes, popping pavement loose and causing potholes.

City crews tackle potholes differently depending on the time of year and the material available. During the winter and early spring when hot asphalt mix is not available, crews fill potholes with a cold mix of loose asphalt that is packed into potholes.

Cold mix, which is available year-round and can be stockpiled for emergency repairs – serves as a temporary solution to keep roads serviceable until hot asphalt mix becomes available in early summer.

Public Works crews conduct pothole patching throughout all quadrants of the city, and pass through each street multiple times in any given spring.

If you see a pothole that has created a public safety issue, please report it by emailing the location to Street@cedar-rapids.org. Otherwise, nuisance potholes will be addressed as crews conduct their normal routes.

Later this summer, crews will transition to using hot mix, which hardens and is weather resistant, creating a permanent solution. Additionally, many roads that were traditionally plagued by potholes have received permanent repairs through the City’s Paving for Progress Program, including:

  • 42nd Street NE
  • Council Street NE
  • 12th Avenue SE
  • Segments of O Avenue NW

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