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Storm Debris Update for January 12, 2021

Storm Debris Update for January 12, 2021

January 12, 2021

Storm Debris Update

Storm response updates for January 12, 2021. A full list of resources can be found on the City’s website: www.cedar-rapids.org.

Crews continue to move forward on the collection of curbside storm debris, even in the snow. Work will continue throughout the winter and into the spring, with crews working seven days a week, dawn to dusk. Winter activity will focus on the ongoing removal of storm debris piles and damaged street trees. Spring activities will include final removals of street trees, additional park clean-up, tree re-planting along the right-of-way, and addressing any missed piles. Additional information on these efforts will be released at a later date.

Nonorganic Storm Debris – Final Pickup Nearing Completion
The collection of nonorganic debris continues in the snow. If piles are small and not visible in the snow, they will be collected toward the end of winter or early spring when their visibility returns. Crews anticipate completing the collection of large nonorganic storm debris piles by the end of January or early February. To report a missed pile, visit the City’s website. Residents do not need to report missed piles multiple times, all submitted requests are automatically added to the pickup list.

To view a map of locations still underway and areas already completed, visit the City’s website: http://www.cedar-rapids.org/nonorganic_debris_info.php.

Tree Debris Removal – Final Pickup Starting Early 2021
Tree debris cleanup continues to move forward, working in coordination with street tree removals, which remain ongoing. For questions or concerns about the condition of your street tree or how it is marked, contact Cedar Rapids Forestry at 286-5566 or through email at forestry@cedar-rapids.org. Removals and pickup will continue through the winter.

The final pickup of tree debris has not yet started, residents still have time to get remaining tree debris to the curb, and the final date will be announced in advance. The final pickup is anticipated to start in the next few months, and will include the breakdown and removal of large tree trunks or root balls, and one pickup through alleys.

Some hazardous root ball work and soil restoration may extend into the spring, due to the presence of underground utilities. Exact timelines will be updated as work continues to progress. Tree debris pickup is working concurrently with street tree removals; as crews remove damaged street trees, a different crew will return to the area and collect the debris. Learn more: http://www.cedar-rapids.org/tree_debris_removal.php

Public Parks
Cleanup is ramping up in public parks. Residents are reminded to stay out of parks that are closed for tree removals, as these are active work sites and contractor crews cannot always see people during their cleanup operations, putting park patrons and contractors in danger. While crews will continue to work throughout the winter months, we expect that parks cleanup will continue into the spring, including removing hazardous trees, limbs, and root ball removals. Golf course removals are prioritized over the winter, while the ground is frozen, to limit any potential damage to the turf and to meet spring opening dates.

Tree debris removal is currently underway in the following parks, which are closed:

  • Ellis Golf Course
  • Gardner Golf Course
  • Twin Pines Golf Course
  • Shaver Park
  • Time Check Greenway (O Ave – I Ave)

Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Collection
The City of Cedar Rapids Solid Waste & Recycling division would like to remind residents that there has been a FULL RETURN TO ALLEY COLLECTION of garbage, recycling and yard waste carts for customers who had alley collection prior to the August 10 derecho. Residents are asked to resume placing their carts in the alley for collection, not in the street.

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