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Northwest Neighborhood Flood Memorial Underway

Construction Underway for Northwest Neighborhood Flood Memorial

Construction is underway on a 2008 flood memorial located in the Northwest Neighborhood. O Avenue NW will be closed between Ellis Blvd and 6th Street as part of construction.

About the Northwest Gateway and Memorial Plaza
Situated along O Avenue NW and Ellis Blvd, the Northwest Gateway and Memorial Plaza will include greenway space, benches, and a memorial wall with historical narrative that shares the resiliency of the Northwest / Time Check neighborhood following the 2008 Flood. The plaza will also feature a distinctive gateway that will welcome residents and visitors to the site.

“As the community moves forward with permanent flood control measures, we honor the neighborhoods that were most impacted,” says Community Development Director Jennifer Pratt. “We continue to look for ways to personalize the Flood Control System to ensure the stories of our neighborhoods are preserved and remembered.”

Concrete columns for the gateway were constructed last fall; the site is scheduled to be completed early June.

A ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled on June 13 to mark the 10th anniversary of the flood. A privately-funded sculpture is also planned for the site.

About the Flood Control System
Permanent, future flood control for the Time Check Neighborhood will be a combination of levees and gates, integrated with greenways and recreational fields. The Flood Control System Master Plan was adopted by City Council in 2015 to guide construction of the Flood Control System and to protect as many properties on both sides of the river as possible. The system will be a combination of permanent walls, removable walls, levees, and pump stations. Recently completed segments of the plan include the Sinclair levee and pump station. Work is currently underway in the Czech Village District on a future levee.

To learn more: www.cityofcr.com/floodcontrol.

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