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April 23 - May 8Bedding Plants at Noelridge Greenhouse

The annual Mother’s Day Showcase at Noelridge Greenhouse has transitioned to an online sales event. The greenhouse has grown thousands of plants, many that are unique to our facility and not available at other area nurseries. The plants are normally sold at the showcase, but will now be available to purchase online.

Placing your order:

  • Click here to access RecTrac and buy plants.
  • Begin shopping. Plants are listed and priced individually.
  • Add your selection to your cart.
  • Enter your password. If you do not have a user name and password, you will need to create one. You can do this by clicking "Create an Account" and filling out the information
  • Select the quantity.
  • Select "Continue Shopping" to purchase more plants. 
  • At the top of the home page, click on the "Search" drop down menu. Then click on “Plant Sale Noelridge Greenhouse” on the right of the screen.
  • Once you are satisfied with your cart, click “Checkout” to complete your order and enter contact and payment information. *All sales are final.*
  • You will receive an email with a list of the plants you purchased, instructions for pick up, and a map. Bring this receipt (print or email on phone) to the Noelridge Greenhouse parking lot when you come to pick up your plants on May 11 or 12.
  • Call 319-286-5566 with questions about purchase or call 319-286-5762 with questions about the plants.

Picking up your plants:Traffic flow map of Noelridge Greenhouse Parking Lot for plant pick-up

  • You may pick up the plants you purchased on Monday, May 11 or Tuesday, May 12 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • A copy of your receipt (print or email on phone) will be required at pick up.
  • Follow the parking loop at the Greenhouse. An attendant will come out to your car, check your receipt, and bring you your plants.
  • Call 319-286-5762 with questions about pick-up.



 New Guinea Impatiens  Buy Now  
   Sunpatiens Orange   1-001-001 
   Sunpatiens White   1-001-002 
   Sunpatiens Compact Pink  1-001-003 
   Sunpatiens Compact Hot Coral  1-001-004
   Sunpatiens Compact Blush Pink  1-001-005
   Sunpatiens Sp. Shell Pink  1-001-006
   Bounce Pink Flame  1-001-007
   Celebration Deep Red  1-001-008
   Celebration Lavender Glow  1-001-009
   Celebration Pink  1-001-010
   Fanfare Bright Coral  1-001-011
   Fanfare Fuchsia  1-001-012
   Fiesta Ole' Deep Orange  1-001-013
   Fiesta Salsa Red  1-001-014
   Florific Sweet Orange  1-001-015
   Sonic Salmon on Gold  1-001-016
   Sonic Sweet Cherry  1-001-017
   Super Sonic Cherry Cream  1-001-018
 Frutescens  Buy Now  
   Orange Bulbine  1-008-001
 Coleus Buy Now  
   Alabama Sunset  1-002-001
   Amora  1-002-002
   Aurora Black Cherry  1-002-003
   Big Red  1-002-004
   Black Dragon  1-002-005
   Bronze Pagoda  1-002-006
   Brown Sugar Drop  1-002-007
   Burgundy Wedding Train  1-002-008
   Butterfly  1-002-009
   Cantigny Royale  1-002-010
   Careless Love  1-002-011
   Chocolate Drop  1-002-012
   Charlie McCarthy  1-002-013
   Cider Hill  1-002-014
   Coleosaurus Kiwi  1-002-015
   Collins Gold  1-002-016
   Confetti  1-002-017
   Copper  1-002-018
   Daffy  1-002-019
   Dark Frills  1-002-020
   Defiance  1-002-021
   Dipt In Wine  1-002-022
   El Brighto  1-002-023
   Electric Lime  1-002-024
   Emerald and Snow  1-002-025
   Fiesta  1-102-026
   Fishnet Stockings  1-102-027
   Fifth Avenue  1-102-028
   Flirting Skirts  1-102-029
   Florida Sunshine  1-102-030
   French Quarter  1-102-031
   Fright Night  1-102-032
   Gage's Shadow  1-102-033
   Gay Delight  1-102-034
   Glennis  1-102-035
   Gansh Rambler  1-102-036
   Henna  1-102-037
   India Frills  1-102-038
   Inferno  1-102-039
   Inky Fingers  1-102-040
   Kingwood Torch  1-102-041
   Kiwi Fern  1-102-042
   Limo Blush  1-102-043
   Merlin's Magic  1-102-044
   Penny  1-102-045
   Peter Wonder  1-102-046
   Pineapple Splash  1-102-047
   Pink Chaos  1-102-048
   Pistachio Nightmare  1-102-049
   Plum Parfait  1-102-050
   Purple Duck Foot  1-102-051
   Red Trailing Queen  1-102-052
   Religious Radish  1-102-053
   Ruby Road  1-102-054
   Saturn  1-102-055
   Sedona  1-102-056
   Splish Splash  1-102-057
   Strawberry Drop  1-102-058
   The Line  1-102-059
   Twist N Twirl  1-102-060
   Victorian Ruffles  1-102-061
 Perennial Sedum  Buy Now  
   Glaucophyllum  1-103-001
   Hebridium - Czar's Gala  1-103-002
   Reflexum  1-103-003
   Selskianum - Goldilocks  1-103-004
   Spurium - Summer Glory  1-103-005
   Telephium - Emperor's Wave  1-103-006
   Acorus - Sweet Flag  1-103-007
 Asparagus  Buy Now  
   Sprengeri  1-105-001
 Senecio  Buy Now  
   Mexican Flamevine  1-106-001
 Salvia  Buy Now  
   Black and Blue  1-107-001
 Liriope  Buy Now  1-109-001
 Miscanthus  Buy Now  
   Zebrinus  1-110-001
   Adagio  1-110-002
 Pelargonium  Buy Now  
   Elegance Bravo  1-112-001
 Serissa  Buy Now  
   Thousand Stars  1-113-001
 Herbs  Buy Now  
   Basil  1-114-001
   Chives  1-114-002
   Lemon Balm  1-114-003
   Mint  1-114-004
   Oregano  1-114-005
   Parsley  1-114-006
   Peppermint  1-114-007
   Sage  1-114-008
   Thyme  1-114-009
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