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What is aerification and why is it done?

Aeration (or aerification) is the process of punching holes into greens and fairways that open up growing room for grass roots and help keep the course healthy. It loosens soil that has been compacted by golfers and machines, and allows for deeper root growth creating a healthier putting surface.

Cores of dirt, called plugs, are removed making room for air, water and new root growth. The holes are filled with sand and then the greens are left alone while grass is allowed to grow. The sand gradually disappears as watering takes place.

While the actual coring of the greens is a quick process, the plugs left on the greens while the process is taking place can make play difficult. Course quality can be affected for a few days to a week.

We notify golfers and the community of our aeration dates so they have the option to choose a different course to play at while greens are being aerified.

“As weather permits, we aerify one course per week. We keep all courses open for our customers, but golfers may have a better experience choosing a course where aerification isn’t taking place,” said Dave Roe, Interim Golf Manager. Aerification dates are:
Jones - August 27 & 28
Ellis - September 10 & 11
Gardner - September 17 & 18
Twin Pines - September 24 & 25

For a more in-depth look at the golf course aeration process, see the article "Aerification Is a Necessary and Highly Beneficial Golf Course Practice."

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