Municipal Volunteer Program

Group Volunteer Opportunities
1 bag blitzCleanUpCR
CleanUpCR is a collaborative program designed to provide groups and businesses with the resources to keep Cedar Rapids a clean, healthy place to live. Click here to find out more about various CleanUP initiatives, including the City Manager's One Bag Challenge. Contact Vincent Snyder at 319-286-5897 or by email

The Cedar Rapids Public Library Volunteer Program supports and enriches the library by engaging community volunteers through meaningful volunteer opportunities. Whether you care for materials, greet customers, or help with children’s programs, there is a flexible opportunity for you. Volunteer opportunities are available for adults, families, teens, retirees, and small groups; you can volunteer at the Downtown or Ladd Library. Find out more here. Contact Jessica Link, Volunteer Coordinator at 319-739-0403 or by email

Parks and Recreation
Volunteers are an integral element to the Parks and Recreation Department. The Department uses many volunteers to help maintain golf courses, plant and weed gardens, keep our parks clean and beautiful, assist with special events, coach a sports team, and more. Learn more and apply to volunteer with Parks and Rec.

Forestry- Tree planting volunteer
Hours based on project availability. Large and small groups (minimum of 2-3 people). Duties include planting , mulching and watering trees 2-10 feet in height. Contact Todd Fagan at 319-286-5616 or

Trail, Park and Prairie Stewards    
Hours vary based on project availability. Volunteer opportunities are available for large and small groups of all ages. Steward duties include litter pick up, debris removal, branch trimming, cleaning, painting, mulching, and identifying and removing noxious or problem weeds. Contact Heather Vasquez at 319-286-5750 or

Community Development

Derecho Recovery Door-to-Door Assessment Teams (Spring 2021, ongoing)
 We are working with volunteer groups to gather information in our neighborhoods – who needs help, what help do they need, what problems still exist. We want to connect with those who have reached out in the past for assistance to see where they’re at and with those who might have not had the chance to ask for support yet.

Teams of volunteers will safely go out (in pairs) to assess derecho damage in targeted neighborhoods. The primary tasks would be identifying homes/property owners that need additional support (financial, volunteer, professional level tree service, etc.) and what support they need. This would include:

  • Walking targeted neighborhoods (lists will be provided) to identify homes/properties that appear that they could use more help (trees in rough shape, homes with tarps, large hanging branches, etc.).
  • Asking property owners if they need additional support. We would provide an intake form and information that would help guide volunteers through this. Training will be provided to help with this step.
  • Photographing problem areas/items (hanging branches, trees that need work, damaged structures, etc.) to help catalogue work needed to be done.

If you are interested in learning more or volunteering, please contact Stephanie Schrader 319-286-5855 or

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