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The Home Rule Charter for the City of Cedar Rapids, which was approved on June 14, 2005, required the establishment of an independent ethics board. In the spring of 2007, the Cedar Rapids City Council passed an ordinance establishing the Board of Ethics.

The Board consists of five members who are appointed by the Mayor, with the approval of the City Council, for a term of three years. Board members are required at all times to be residents of the City, and they serve without compensation. Board members cannot hold elective or appointed office under the City or any other government. They also may not hold any political party office at the time of appointment or during the term of appointment.

There is no set meeting schedule for the Board of Ethics. The Board meets as necessary.

Under the Charter and City Code, the Board is to:

  1. Administer and enforce the City's conflict of interest and financial disclosure ordinances;
  2. Issue binding advisory opinions, conduct investigations on its own or by referral, issue subpoenas, refer cases for prosecution, impose administrative fines, request necessary assistance from the City Attorney, and hire independent counsel as needed; and 
  3. Conduct hearings or other activities to gather information and to otherwise make studies and recommendations the Board believes would or could enhance and promote City policies and practices to improve the ethical environment in which public servants work.

Agendas, Packets, & Minutes


Board of Ethics Documents

Board Members & Term Expirations

William Vincent (June 30, 2024)
Kevin King (June 30, 2024)
Elizabeth Mitchell (June 30, 2025)
Aaron Plummer (June 30, 2023)
Gary J. Streit  (June 30, 2025)

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