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Contact Information
Building Services Dept
City Services Center
500 15th Ave SW
Cedar Rapids, IA  52404
Phone:  319-286-5831

The Building and Fire Board of Appeals hears appeals for interpretations of the building and fire code made by City building inspectors and/or Trades & Building Manager during the plans review process. They also discuss ordinance revisions prior to adoption of new codes every three years. 

The Board usually meets two to three times a year for one to two hours.  The number of appeals filed will determine meeting frequency.


Application to Appeal
Payment must be made when the appeal application is filed; each section violation is considered a separate appeal (effective April 1, 2003 by Resolution No. 0641-03-03):

  1. Single-family dwelling - $25
    • Successive applications - $5
  2. All other uses and structures - $75
    • Successive applications - $5

The Building and Fire Board of Appeals shall consist of seven (7) members whose place of business, residence, or work is located in the City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and who are qualified by experience and training to act upon matters pertaining to building construction.  Those interested in serving on the Building-Fire Board of Appeals may submit a completed City application by following the steps found here.

Current Members

  • Gary Landhauser (2026) - Chair
  • Bill Knapp (2026)
  • David Zahradnik (2024)
  • Rich Good (2025)
  • Sarah Coleman (2025)
  • Susan Forinash (2024)
  • Tom Takes (2024)
Terms are three years and expire on June 30th of the year in parenthesis above.
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