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Dorsey the Anti-Discriminatory Dolphin

Donna the Dolphin with The Colors of Us book
Dorsey the Anti-Discriminatory Dolphin, has been making a splash in Cedar Rapids since 2011 as they entered the classroom to teach children about discrimination. Dorsey, a dolphin mascot, teaches children about discrimination based on characteristics protected by the Cedar Rapids municipal code as well as the resources available to community members when they face discrimination. The lessons are implemented by using a skit starring the mascot.

Dorsey begins the skit as a discriminatory landlord who denies potential sea creature tenants based on assumptions they have about certain groups. A member of the Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission confronts Dorsey about their behavior and says if Dorsey were to be a victim of discrimination, they would feel like a fish out of  water.  Dorsey gets upset, because they are not a fish – they are a mammal, and they tell the staff person it’s wrong to make  assumptions based on appearance. After realizing they have been guilty of assumptions as well, they vow to stop discriminating.

This skit is geared toward children in the Kindergarten - 2nd grade age level. If you or someone you know is interested in having Dorsey the Anti-Discriminatory Dolphin present to your group or classroom, contact the Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission at (319) 286-5036. Dorsey is also available to serve as a mascot, upon request.

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