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Housing Complaints & Violations

The Housing Inspection Division will accept housing and/or property complaints on properties within the City of Cedar Rapids.

Complaints on properties located in Cedar Rapids, IA can also be made by calling the Housing Inspection Division at 319-286-5197 or by visiting the office at 500 15th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA.

What is Not a Code Violation?
There are some neighborhood or civil problems that do not fall under our jurisdiction because they do not violate public law. Examples are the location of private fences, ugly or unattractive vehicles (unless they are inoperative), damage caused by a neighbor’s tree and the color combinations on houses.

Exterior Complaints
To file a complaint you must have the Cedar Rapids, Iowa address of the property where the violation exists. The list of the violations must be specific, such as peeling paint, broken windows, holes in the roof, or trash and debris in the side yard. The Inspection unit will not respond to complaints with general accusations such as, "The place is a dump."  Please use the My CR portal to submit a complaint or concern.

Interior Complaints
In order to make a complaint about interior conditions, you must have the Cedar Rapids, IA address and/or represent a tenant in the rental unit where the violation exists and notify your owner/manager of your complaint in writing (retain a copy of the letter) and allow him/her 14 calendar days to respond before you notify the City of Cedar Rapids Housing Inspection Division. Situations involving the loss of a utility should be corrected within 24 hours following notification. The City will not normally respond to your complaint unless you have previously contacted the owner/manager. Additionally, the list of violations must be specific, such as holes in bedroom walls, missing door locks, or leaking pipes in a certain room. If the owner/manager does not correct the problem(s), then provide the Housing Inspection Division with a copy of the letter to the owner/manager.

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