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Zoning Enforcement (Chapter 32)

Contact Information:
City Services Center
500 15th Ave SW
Cedar Rapids, IA  52404

Phone:  319-286-5838
Fax:  319-286-5830

Monday to Friday
7:30 am to 4:00 pm

The Building Services Department is responsible for investigating citizen concerns involving alleged zoning violations. The Zoning Inspectors enforce the Zoning Codes using Chapter 32 of the Municipal Code. Chapter 32 of the Municipal Code is adopted with the purpose of improving and protecting the public health, safety, and general welfare for the citizens of Cedar Rapids.

The most common zoning concerns submitted to the Building Services Department are: driving/parking/storing vehicles (including boats, RV, trailers and such) on a non-hard surface, unpermitted elimination or expansion of a driveway/parking space, unpermitted surfacing material used for driveway/parking space construction/expansion, parking/storing vehicles, equipment or structures on vacant land, utilizing recreational vehicles and equipment for living, sleeping or housekeeping purposes, removing required screening material (vegetation or a privacy fence) between commercial establishment and residential properties or City’s Right-of-Way (ROW), missing or removing required dumpster enclosure, business illegally operated from a residential zoned district, business moving into a commercial space and operating without a Change of Use permit (and all other applicable permits/approvals, inspections and improvements), prohibited/portable signs (flex sign/flag banners, air dancers, people carrying signs…), signs displayed without a permit, banner signs secured to fence posts, excessive signage, vehicles utilized as a sign, newly constructed/built/placed sheds without required permits, setbacks or placed within an easement area, outdoor storage (openly storing miscellaneous items, junk and debris on a property), inoperable/unlicensed vehicles, expansion of an existing non-conforming structure/use of the property or structure, converting dwelling units into multi-conversion without all applicable permits/approvals, lot coverage exceeding permitted limitation, urban chickens and beekeeping without all applicable permits/approvals, developing a new site without all applicable permits/approvals, Day Care providing care for more than six children without all applicable permits/approvals from the City of Cedar Rapids, a single family dwelling solely used as a Day Care, commercial office and such, etc.

Means of Appeal.
Any person directly affected with our zoning decision has a right to appeal before the Board of Adjustment. To learn more about the Board of Adjustment process please use the provided link.

Registering a Complaint.
When submitting a concern please provide the following information:

-         Correct address of the property with alleged zoning violations,

-         Description of alleged zoning violations (please include as much information as possible that would help us to correctly identify any/all issues),

-         All received complaints are investigated. If you provide your name, address and phone number it allows us to contact you with questions or findings.

To submit a complaint or report an issue, please use the My CR portal

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