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Micromobility Program   -   April 1st - October 31st

The Cedar Rapids Micromobility Program allows residents to conveniently check out and rent a bike or scooter for short trips, returning them to a designated parking station once they are done. The scooters are available in stand-up or sit-down options, and are electric-powered. Bikes currently available are standard non-electric. Each year the devices are distributed into the community on April 1st and they are removed for the winter season on October 31st.  Smart transportation is easy to use — locate a bike or scooter on the Veo app, scan to unlock, and you’re on your way in seconds! Remember to walk your wheels — devices are not allowed on sidewalks in the downtown and nearby districts.

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Using Veo Micromobility Devices
Note: Users must be 18 years or older to ride with Veo

  1. Download the Veo app for free. To access, search for "Veo" in your phone's app store.
  2. Create an account
  3. Scan the QR code on any scooter or bike (or enter the ID number) to begin your ride
  4. To end a ride, lock the bike or click "end ride" on the scooter. Then, locate an approved parking area and take an "end of ride" photo of your properly parked bike or scooter. The fare ends once your photo is submitted. You can pay for your ride in the app. Park your vehicle in the "sidewalk furniture zone," or on the grass between the curb and sidewalk. Devices should be parked away from the area of the sidewalk meant for people to walk.


  • Standard bikes: $1 to unlock, 5 cents per minute of use
  • E-bikes: $1 to unlock, 15 cents per minute of use
  • Stand-up scooters: $1 to unlock, 30 cents per minute of use
  • Seated scooters: $1 to unlock, 35 cents per minute of use

Veo Fare Discounts
Individuals who participate in any local, state, or federal assistance program qualify for Veo Access, a program designed to provide affordable mobility service to all. Veo Access riders receive a $10 ride credit when they sign up and do not pay the $1 unlock fee on any future rides.

Click below to apply: 


Park Responsibly
Park in one of the conveniently-located green bike racks, or marked scooter parking areas, shown on the app. Scooters may be parked in any green bike rack or in the designated parking area for scooters, painted on the sidewalk near bike racks. Parking in bike racks or in designated parking areas ensures sidewalks and building entrances remain open and accessible for pedestrians, while keeping the system neat and organized.

To encourage organized vehicle parking, Veo also offers “Lucky Zones” in several areas throughout the city. Lucky Zones provide users $0.50–$1 in ride credit for parking in preferred parking areas. The zones are highlighted with "$" icons on the map in the Veo app.

Where to Find Bikes or Scooters
Use the mobile app to find the nearest bike or scooter. You can also find bike rack stations throughout the following districts:

  • Downtown
  • New Bohemia
  • Czech Village
  • Kingston Village
  • MedQuarter

No Bikes/Scooters on Sidewalks
In the downtown and surrounding districts: bikes, scooters/sit-down scooters, and skateboards are not permitted to ride on sidewalks. Please walk your wheels in these areas for the safety of pedestrians, or enjoy riding in a bike lane (bikes may also use the full travel lane). Sidewalk decals and street signage have been installed in areas where riding on the sidewalk is not permitted. 

Practice Safety: Walk Your Wheels on sidewalks

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Report an Issue

As the vendor, Veo is responsible for maintaining the fleet of devices. Veo staff return devices to their stations and perform routine maintenance. Lost or damaged devices will be recovered, repaired, or replaced at no cost to the city.

If you experience any issues with Veo devices parked improperly at the station near your property, please contact Veo’s customer service:

Safety Tips

traffic signalFollow the Law
Obey all traffic laws at all times. 

Bike helmetUse Headgear
Protect your head by wearing a helmet. 

Bike riding in same direction as trafficGo with the Flow
Always ride in the same direction as traffic (usually, on the right side of the street). 

Pedestrian in crosswalkYield to Pedestrians

When on a trail, alert pedestrians to your presence by saying "on your left" before passing. 

Eye wide openStay Alert

Pay attention to your surroundings and ride predictably. 

Hand signalingUse Hand Signals
Let others know where you're going by always signaling 100 feet before your turn. 

Bike Symbols

  • Not Safe for Two
    Scooters and micromobility devices aren't meant for two riders. Limit one rider per device!

  • Teach the Reach!
    Drivers: don't open your car door into a bike lane without making sure the coast is clear. Reach for the door handle with your far hand. This forces you to swivel and check for bikes, scooters, and other traffic.

Rules for Micromobility

  • Remain in Your Lane
    When a bike lane is available, micromobility devices* such as scooters and skateboards must stick to their lane.
    (*Bikes and ebikes are exempt under Iowa code.)
  • Stay Off 36 MPH+ Roads
    Micromobility devices* such as scooters and skateboards are prohibited on roads with a speed limit greater than 35 miles per hour.
    (*Bikes and ebikes are exempt under Iowa code.)

  • Walk Your Wheels
    Bikes, scooters, skateboards and other micromobility devices are not permitted to ride on sidewalks downtown and in surrounding districts. Please walk your wheels or stick to a bike lane in these areas.

  • Yield to Pedestrians
    Yield the right-of-way to pedestrians. When on a trail, alert pedestrians to your presence by saying "on your left" before passing.

  • 18+ to Ride
    Veo riders: You must upload and verify your government-issued ID to rent ebikes and scooters.

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