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The objective is to make repairs to items that present an immediate safety and health threat, structural danger or would otherwise render the property uninhabitable. General maintenance items, repairs usually less than $500, will not be considered eligible.

There is a limit of two emergency grants in a 12 month period, and no more than three in a lifetime.  Total lifetime minor repair assistance cannot exceed $10,000.  Prior Comprehensive Rehab, Lead Hazard Control Grant, and "Emergency Rehab" recipients are able to apply if they are otherwise eligible.

Property Taxes, Mortgage Payments & Homeowners Insurance
Property taxes must be current with no outstanding or delinquent balances.  Mortgage payments and homeowners insurance coverage shall also be current.

Ownership and Occupancy
Applicants are required to have owned and resided in their home for 12 months to be eligible for assistance through this program.

Eligible Work
Repair or replacement of structurally deficient items, electrical hazards, plumbing sanitation or leak issues, faulty heating/roofing items, or other damage resulting from natural disasters are eligible. Wheelchair ramps, stair-lifts, other accessibility issues, or air conditioning may be eligible if verified as a medical necessity in writing by your physician.

Financial Assistance
Up to $4,500 emergency assistance may be provided. Payment of costs in excess of $4,500 will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

Contingency assistance of an additional $499 is available for unforeseen or urgent situations which may arise after work has started.

The total emergency assistance will not exceed $4,999.

CDBG/HOME Income Limits Issued by HUD - Cedar Rapids, IA
Effective June 15, 2023
    One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight
50% Median $33,150 $37,850 $42,600 $47,300 $51,100 $54,900 $58,700 $62,450
70% Median $46,410 $52,990 $59,640 $66,220 $71,540 $76,860 $82,180 $87,430
80% Median $53,000 $60,600 $68,150 $75,700 $81,800 $87,850 $93,900 $99,950

Additional household size limits available upon request.

Property Lien
A lien shall be placed on the property in association with emergency assistance for 12 months. The lien will be released at the end of 12 months from the date the contract signing.

Application - The application is available online by clicking here, and selecting "Housing Rehabilitation.  Or download the pdf here.
Program Flyer

Leland Hoeger
Housing Rehabilitation Specialist
(319) 286-5179

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