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We are looking to Rebuild Ownership Opportunities Together through our ROOTs Program which was created in response to the 2020 Derecho that devastated our community. The program provides new construction single family homes for low to moderate income households. Those who were impacted by the Derecho will receive first opportunity to purchase the newly created homes.


Units participating in ROOTs were identified through a competitive review process where proposals were scored based on factors such as affordability, architectural design, green building principles and developer experience. Properties approved for ROOTs are newly built single family units located on pre- approved lots within the city limits of Cedar Rapids. Properties will not be located within the 100 year flood plain nor in the City's designated Greenway or Construction Study Area. Units are considered no longer available once a purchase agreement has been signed by the buyer and approved by the City.

Property Listings


The application for the 2024 ROOTs program can be found here.

Application Checklist

Click  'Checklist' to view a printable list of all documents necessary to apply.

Eligible Buyers

To be eligible to participate in the program, buyers must be at or below the Area Median Income (AMI) limits below established annually by HUD and be able to secure an approved mortgage through a qualified lender. Eligible buyers may qualify for up to $35,000 as a forgivable loan, forgiven in monthly installments over a 15 year period.

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15 Year Agreement Information

The down payment assistance is provided through Community Development Block Grant Disaster Relief (CDBG-DR) funds based on Duplication of Benefit calculations.

  • The down payment assistance will be enforced by a 5-year lien, and will be forgiven on a prorated basis at a rate of 1/60th per month starting from the closing date.
  • The property will also have a deed restriction for the 15-year affordability period, covering the development subsidy provided through CDBG-DR funds. The deed restriction includes residency and resale requirements and will be forgiven on a prorated basis at a rate of 1/180th per month starting from the closing date.
  • The property must remain your principal residence during the 15-year affordability period. All subsequent buyers must be income qualified or the remaining down payment assistance lien and deed restriction must be repaid.

Mortgage Information

All mortgage products must meet the following requirements:

  • Loans must be in the form of a minimum 15-year, fully amortized, fixed rate mortgage. Early payoff provisions must be allowed.
  • No adjustable rate mortgages or balloon payments will be allowed.
  • The down payment assistance for the ROOTs program shall be senior to all debt other than the principal mortgage on the property.
  • Subordination of the down payment assistance (such as for refinancing) will be allowed during the five year retention period if no equity is removed from the property.
  • Buyers securing mortgage financing with a co- signer who is a immediate member of their household may also apply. 

Additional Resources

HUD Guide to Buying a Home
HUD provides information regarding the homebuying process including: determining if homeownership is right for you, how much you can afford, shopping for a loan, and knowing your rights as a homebuyer. Click here for more information.

Homeowner Education
Below is a listing of just a few of the many different organizations who offer in-person and online courses on the basics of purchasing a home and homeownership as well as offering pre-purchase counseling for buyers. There are many more homebuyer courses available online.

Interactive Maps
Use the following maps to view more information about the property locations and their surrounding areas.

Properties Map
To view a map of the listed properties click here.

Flood Map
To view the extend of the 100 year and 500 year flood plains click here.

Parcel Viewer
To view parcel-based information on an interactive map click 'here'.

Click on FAQ to view more information regarding eligibility, the application process, income verification, and other necessities. City staff can help with any questions by reaching the Community Development Department.

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