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How can I tell if my unit is eligible?

Any type of housing may be rented - apartments, houses, mobile homes, etc - as long as the unit is located within Linn or Benton Counties, meets basic health and safety standards, and the rent is reasonable for the size, type, and location of unit. AND it must pass a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection. Rental units located within the City of Cedar Rapids are required to be currently registered and have a current Certificate of Compliance (COC) through the City of Cedar Rapids Code Enforcement Housing Inspections.

How does the program work?

  1. Approving a tenant. The City of Cedar Rapids Housing Services office determines the income eligibility of tenants for Housing Choice Voucher assistance. Landlords must approve the tenant through their own screening process. 
  2. Unit approval. The Housing Services office inspects all properties before a Housing Choice Voucher Program Contract is signed by using HUD Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection. Units built prior to 1978 and will be occupied by children under the age of 6 will also require an additional visual assessment of the paint condition. If a property does not pass these inspections, a reasonable amount of time will be given for the landlord to make the necessary repairs and the property will be re-inspected. 
  3. Signing a contract and lease. After the unit passes the HQS Inspection and meets the program requirements, 1) the City of Cedar Rapids Housing Services Office and the Landlord will enter into a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract, and 2) the tenant and the landlord will enter into a 12-month rental lease agreement. 
  4. Getting paid. After the contract and lease are signed, the City of Cedar Rapids will make the initial HAP Payment and continue to make monthly payments as long as the tenant and property continue to meet the program criteria. The tenant will pay their portion of the monthly rent directly to the landlord. Landlords have the option of having the HAP payments mailed to them or electronically submitted to a bank.
Additional Landlord Obligations
  • Immediately provide Housing Services with copies of any type of written notice given to the tenant. These notices include any of the following: Notice of Lease Violation, 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent, 7 Day Notice, 30 Day Notice to Move. 
  • Provide a minimum of a 60 day written notice of rent increase to the Tenant and copy Housing Services.
  • Immediately notify Housing Services if any Tenant Responsible Utility is shut off for non-payment or returned into Landlords name.
  • Immediately notify Housing Services if the tenant moves out/abandons the unit.
  • Collect Tenant Share Rent and enforce lease.

Section 8 Landlord Orientation
The City of Cedar Rapids Section 8 Program is now offering a Section 8 Landlord Orientation. This educational opportunity will provide owners, managers, leasing agents and maintenance staff with an overview of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. There is no cost to register for this orientation and individuals can attend one of the four sessions. See calendar and registration form below:

Section 8 Owner Registration - Required Documents
Section Owner's Handbook
2024 Utility Allowance Guide

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At this time forms can only be submitted to the Housing Services office by mail, in person or by fax.

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