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It is the policy of the Corridor MPO to fully comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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Transportation Improvement Program

Transportation Improvement Program

Provide your feedback!
The Corridor MPO will be hosting multiple events to gather community feedback on the FFY 2025 - 2029 Transportation Improvement Program.  The event schedule can be found below.  If you are unable to make it to these events, please be sure to still complete the survey for the FFY 2025 - 2029 Transportation Improvement Program, which is now open!  To access the survey, click the link below. All of the community input will be utilized by the Corridor MPO's Policy Board when making a funding recommendation in the coming months. 

Public Engagement Event Schedule
Tuesday, February 27th Wednesday, February 28th Thursday February 29th  Thursday February 29th
Open House #1 Tabling Event Tabling Event Open House #2
5:30 - 6:30 pm 2:45 - 5:00 pm 11:00 am - 1:00 pm 5:30 - 6:30 pm
Ladd Library Marion Public Library  Iowa Hall at Kirkwood Hiawatha Public Library
3750 Williams Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 1101 6th Ave, Marion, IA 52302 6301 Kirkwood Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 150 W Willman St, Hiawatha, IA 52233

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What is the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)?
The  Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a programming document that details a four-year budget for transportation improvement projects within the metropolitan area for all surface transportation modes, including street and highway, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian. The TIP provides the opportunity to select projects from the LRTP most suitable to the region’s current or short-term needs. The agencies represented on the TTAC and Policy Board work through a cooperative process, including public involvement, to create the TIP document.

Who can apply for the TIP?

All eligible entities within the MPO Planning Area Boundary (sponsors), regardless of dues-paying status, can submit applications to the MPO. Sponsors complete the TIP application for projects or portions of projects included in the Fiscally Constrained Plan.

The schedule for the FFY 25 - 29 TIP is as follows: 
Month Action
October 3, 2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Applications Open 
December 17, 2023 TIP Application Submission Deadline
January Applications Reviewed by all of the Corridor MPO's Boards, Committees, and the Iowa Department of Transportation
February The Corridor MPO's Transportation Technical Advisory Committee Provides Technical Analysis of Projects
February First Open House for the Public to Review all Projects Eligible for Funding
March Corridor MPO's Transportation Technical Advisory Committee, Executive Committee, and Policy Board 
April Second Open House Held for the Public to Review Projects Selected to be Awarded Funding
May Adoption of the draft FFY 25 - 29 Transportation Improvement Program
June The Iowa Department of Transportation reviews the Draft FFY 25 -29 TIP
July Adoption of the FFY 25 - 29 TIP

Federal Fiscal Year 2025 - 2029 Transportation Improvement Program Applications
Below are the applications received for consideration within the FFY 25 - 29 Transportation Improvement Program.  These applications are based on the funding programs available through the Corridor MPO.  

FFY 25-29 Transportation Improvement Program Applications

Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) Funding Application
The federal government established the Surface Transportation Block Grant program to assist local jurisdictions with road and bridge funding.  As well as provide funding for transit capital improvements.  These funds are allocated from the federal government to the Iowa DOT and then to MPOs. Eligible projects can be located in the 2045 Long-Range Transportation Plan.
Funding Available:
  • Total: $11.9 million
    • Roadway projects: $6.6 million
    • Trail projects: $3.8 million
    • Transit projects: $1.5 million
Application with supporting materials:
Carbon Reduction Funding Application
The Carbon Reduction program was created when the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was passed by the United States of America's Congress in 2021.  This program is intended to fund projects that reduce carbon emissions within the transportation sector.  The Corridor MPO is utilizing these funds for transit projects.  These projects were identified in the 2045 Long-Range Transportation Plan.
Funding Available: $2.5 million

Application with supporting materials:
Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside (TASA) Funding Application
The Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside (TA Set-Aside) program is what was formerly known as the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). These programs are intended to provide funding for projects that provide alternatives to roadway transportation.  Eligible projects for this funding at the Corridor MPO are trail projects found within the 2045 Long-Range Transportation Plan.
Funding Available: $5.7 million

Application with supporting materials:
Supporting materials for the FFY 25 - 29 TIP

There may be certain materials that will help applicants fill out the FFY 25 - 29 TIP Applications.  Below are resources that MPO staff believe will help improve the application process for applicants.

Transportation Alternatives Set Aside Guidance
Surface Transportation Block Grant Overview
Carbon Reduction Funding Guidance
Corridor MPO's 2045 Long-Range Transportation Plan (Fiscally Constrained Plan located on pg. 180)

TIP Amendments
Often after the development and subsequent adoption of the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), changes need to be made to the list of programmed projects. Amendments are major changes involving the following:
  • Project cost - changes that increase federal aid by more than 30% or increase total federal aid by more than $2 million from the original amount
  • Schedule changes - projects added or deleted from the TIP
  • Funding sources – projects receiving additional federal funding sources
  • Scope changes – changing the project termini, the amount of through traffic lanes, type of work from an overlay to reconstruction or a change to include widening of the roadway
Amendments regarding providing funds to a new project or providing additional funds to a project are presented to the Policy Board, and a public comment period is opened. Public comments are shared with the Policy Board, and action is taken to approve the amendment. Due to recent changes in the Policy Board meeting schedule, the Corridor MPO Executive Committee (one representative from each member jurisdiction) has been given the authority to approve all amendments except those involving changing the funding of Corridor MPO-funded projects. The Executive Committee meets monthly.

List of TIP Amendments (Showing Rolling Year)
Date Member Community Project Related to TIP Amendment
March 21, 2024 Corridor MPO Tower Terrace Road Community Program Funds
March 21, 2024 City of Robins West Main Street Trail
January 18, 2024 Iowa Department of Transportation I-380 & Wright Brothers Boulevard Freight Hub
January 18, 2024 City of Cedar Rapids Tower Terrace Road phases A and B grading and phase B paving project
January 18, 2024 City of Marion Alburnett Road Extension
October 19, 2023 City of Cedar Rapids Lindale Connector Trail
October 19, 2023 City of Cedar Rapids Wright Brothers Boulevard Project

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