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Mt. Vernon Road Corridor Action Plan

Plan Adoption
The Mt. Vernon Road Corridor Action Plan was adopted by City Council on January 24, 2017, after extensive public input.  The plan provides an analysis of current conditions and a list of recommended actions to be taken to make improvements. The plan will serve as the guiding document for future initiatives in the Mt. Vernon Road Corridor.  Mt. Vernon Road is one of the first Corridor Action Plans identified through EnvisionCR (the City’s Comprehensive Plan), which was adopted in January 2015 following extensive public feedback.

View the Plan

  • Full Plan (149 pages; contains entire plan, supporting documentation and the 2023 Update Report and updated tables)
  • Appendix (119 pages; contains summary of existing conditions, open house material, results of public outreach, and technical memorandum on infrastructure)
  • Plan Summary (30 pages; includes summary of project, goals, and action steps)

How was the Plan Developed?
Public input was sought to help generate a vision for Mt. Vernon Road between 10th Street SE and 44th Street SE. The corridor contains a mix of residential, retail, restaurants, medical, and business, and is one of the top ten most traveled roads in the city.  Extensive public input helped address a diverse range of topics, including land use, connectivity and walkability, community character, streetscapes and aesthetics, and placemaking. View the public meeting material below. 

Visioning Workshop – June 16, 2016
A Visioning Workshop was held on June 16, 2016 to kick-off the plan and start generating public feedback. Attendees were able to view a quick presentation, and read more background on the project. 

View the material below

Open House #2  – September 12, 2016
On September 12, residents had the opportunity to view summarized public feedback from the first meeting, and provide feedback on draft goals and action steps. 

View the material below: 

Open House #3 – November 9, 2016
November 9 was the third and final open house to present the Mt. Vernon Road Corridor Action plan to the community prior to Council adoption. The public had an opportunity to see how resident feedback had been integrated into the plan, as well as specific action items such a roadway improvements. 


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