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Development Services

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City Services Center
500 15th Avenue SW
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404

Phone: 319-286-5780

Office Hours:
Mon - Fri 7:30 a.m.to 4:30 p.m.

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Welcome to Development Services

The Development Services Department reviews and facilitates all land development in the City of Cedar Rapids.  We provide case management for projects beginning with the developer’s concept and ending with completion and occupancy of the development. 

Construction plans and zoning requests are reviewed to assure compliance with the City’s ordinances and standards.  Civil engineering, traffic engineering, fire prevention, electrical, architectural, structural, and plumbing/mechanical, and zoning reviews are all part of the review process.

Development Services administers the review process of the following:

Annexations for incorporating your property into the community
Preliminary Plats for subdividing your land
Conditional Uses for expanded uses of your property
Encroachment requests in a public easement
Commercial Plans for building on your site development 
Rezonings/Future Land Use Map Amendments for changing the permitted uses of your property
Major Design Exceptions/Minor Design Adjustments to alter dimensional requirements of the Zoning code
Administrative Site Development Plans for planning your site
Pre-Applications/Concept Plans for input from the City before you plan 
Right-of-Way Permits & Working in the Right-of-Way
Final Plat and Plat of Survey Approvals
Special Uses for Beekeeping, Accessory Dwelling Units, Home Occupations, and Urban Agriculture

Interactive Mapping
Future Land Use Viewer
ReZone Cedar Rapids Viewer
Parcel Viewer
FEMA Flood Zone Viewer
Development Plans Reviewer

On January 1, 2019, Cedar Rapids' new Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 32 of the Municipal Code, went into effect. For more information on the Zoning Ordinance, click here

Boards and Commissions
Board of Adjustment
City Planning Commission
2023 Board/Commission Review Schedule
2024 Board/Commission review  Schedule
Expanded 2024 Review Schedule (includes posting and neighborhood meeting deadlines)

Related Departments
Zoning Advisory Group
Building Services
Community Development & Planning
Economic Development Services

Land Development Documents
Cedar Rapids Development Guide
Will My Plans Require a Demolition Review?

Frequently Asked Questions for Locating Property Lines
Boundary Dispute FAQ's
Fence Permit Applications - Customer Self Service (CSS)

Transferring Private Infrastructure to the City
Guidance Document
Application Form

Fire Code and Site Design
Fire Marshal’s Guidance for Development Sites
U.S. Fire Administration Plan Review Worksheet
Fire Code Site Plan Design 

Resources for Site Designers
Agreement for Private Sanitary Sewer Main and Facilities
Agreement for Private Stormwater Management
Agreement for Private Water Main Facilities
Agreement for Public Water Main Facilities on Private Property
Flowchart for Determining Erosion and Sedimentation Control Requirements
Flowchart for Determining Stormwater Detention Requirements
Flowchart for Determining Stormwater Quality Requirements
Lift Station Design Guidelines
SUDAS Based Drainage Report Template
SUDAS Standard Plan Notes 3/21/2022
Traffic Impact STATEMENT Template (for peak trips <100vph)
Traffic Impact Analysis Template (for peak trips >100vph)
Cedar Rapids ROW Planning and Specifications Manual - November 2020
MedQuarter Master Parkway Improvement Plan - February 2018
FTP Site Link - This link provides a way for customers to access files too large to receive via e-mail. Type in the word "public" for both the Account and Password.

List of Commercial Site Plans
Development Services Commercial Site Plans Received

Major Projects
Cargill Railyard
Cedar Rapids Country Club Expansion
Kestrel Heights
Edgewood & 42nd

Land Development Standards
SUDAS - Statewide Urban Design and Specifications
Subdivision Ordinance - Chapter 31
Zoning Ordinance - Chapter 32 
Surveillance Camera Ordinance and Fact Sheet
Sidewalk Installation Policy

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