Burglar and Holdup Alarm User Permits

  • User permits are required of every alarm user in Cedar Rapids per City Ordinance Chapter 60.
  • User permits do not apply to proprietary alarm systems (self-contained on protected premises with no outside signal).
  • Permit numbers are issued by the Finance Department, not the Police Department.
  • The Finance Department must be notified when a new system is put into service, when service is cancelled, and when any change occurs (i.e., change of monitoring company, change of residence…).
  • Permit application information that is provided is for official use only.

Permit Request Form

** If you wish to cancel your alarm permit, please fill out the Alarm Permit Cancellation Form.

Fee Schedule as of July 1, 2012

Invoices will be sent to users as notification of fees due.  The fee schedule is based on the City’s fiscal year, which runs from July 1 through June 30.  Alarm users will be charged in accordance with the fee schedule adopted by Resolution of the City Council. 

If payments are not received by the due date, the user will be responsible for the amount of the invoice and may be responsible for a certified mail fee, administrative fee and/or penalty as provided by City Ordinance. 

Annual Permit (non-refundable, non-prorated)                   $25
First and Second False Alarms                                                        Free
Third through Fifth False Alarms                                                  $50
Sixth and Additional False Alarm                                                  $100
Late Payment Administrative Fee                                                $45
Late Payment Penalty                                                                          $35
Certified Mail Fee                                                                                   Actual Cost


Contact the Accounts Receivable Program Manager at 319-286-5134 or

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