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The City of Cedar Rapids requires an After Hours Business License for any business, establishment, or place open to members of the General Public at any time between the hours of two o'clock A.M. and six o'clock A.M. which has for its primary purpose entertainment of any kind, social gathering, dancing, or playing games of skill or chance in any, form regardless of legality, or the playing of live or recorded music, and which holds no permit or license to sell or dispense Alcoholic Beverages. 

An application is required to obtain a license.  Licenses will be issued for a fixed term and shall not exceed one year.  The term of the License shall not exceed the length of the Applicant’s property interest in the intended After Hours Business location.

After Hours Business License Application


After Hours Business License Typed List Example

Key Components of the After Hours Business License

Ordinance Exemptions:

  • Sanctioned school events held by an Educational Institution
  • Hotels or Motels licensed by the State of Iowa
  • Persons holding private gatherings in private residences

  • Ordinance will require building and fire inspections to ensure compliance with the City Municipal Code to occur prior to issuing a license
  • Inspections will occur when an application is submitted
  • A business will receive written notice prior to the inspection of the premises
Persons Under 18: 

  • No Person holding an After Hours Business License, nor his or her agents or employees shall allow a Person under eighteen (18) years old to enter or remain on the Licensed Premises from 12:00 A.M. through 6:00 A.M. on all days when the Licensed Premises is open for business
Violation by Managers, Owners, Registered Managers, License Holders, and Employees:

  • All Managers, owners, Registered Managers, Licensee, and employees of any After Hours Business shall be subject to and bound by this chapter and state law and shall be liable for the same penalties and to the same extent as his or her employer or principal for any violation of this chapter or state law. Any violation of this chapter or state law by any clerk, agent, or employee of a Licensee shall be deemed the act of the Licensee and shall be subject to the License of said Licensee to civil penalty, criminal action, or license suspension or revocation.
Adverse Action: 
  • The City has the ability to deny, revoke or suspend the License
  • If an After Hours Business is being operated without a License, the City will have the ability to Placard the property
  • A business owner has the ability to submit a corrective action plan
Appeal Process:
  • Any person aggrieved by a decision of the City under the proposed Chapter has the ability to appeal
Additional information is found in Chapter 48 of the Municipal Code.

For additional assistance, please contact:

Annette Lorenz
Cedar Rapids Police Department
505 1st Street SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Phone: 319-286-5720
Email: a.lorenz@cedar-rapids.org

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