Officer grips handle of bicycle while on bike patrolPolice officers may walk their beats as part of a general policing philosophy known as community-oriented policing.  This is an effective tool for getting officers into neighborhoods.  As an extension of that outreach philosophy, officers began bike patrols in spring 1995.  The original bike patrol unit consisted of one Sergeant and two officers.  The officers worked the evening shift and concentrated efforts on the Wellington Heights and Moundview neighborhoods.  While the officers were still out in the open and easily accessible to the public, they had the advantage of being very mobile and stealthy as well. As police departments have learned throughout the country, bike patrols are very effective in dealing with crimes that take place where police cars cannot go, or where they cannot go without being noticed.

The department utilizes fully equipped Volcanic and Cannondale Police Mountain bikes.

All bike patrol officers are certified as Police Cyclists. The department maintains their own certified trainers who received their certification through the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. The course consists of both classroom and on-bike time. Topics include bike nomenclature, legal issues, patrol tactics, community policing, maneuvers, and multiple 20 plus mile rides.


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