Narcotics and Vice include investigations of Aiding and Abetting to Manufacture, Delivery of Controlled Substance, Drug Tax Stamp Law, Methamphetamine Laboratories, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Prohibited Acts, and Search Warrants.  The Police Department often receives notifications about drug activity through tips, including those received through Linn County Crime Stoppers.  Vice also investigates the crimes of prostitution and gambling.


To accomplish this task more effectively, the Narcotics and Vice Unit works closely with other local law enforcement agencies at all levels. Some of these agencies are the local Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement.


The Narcotics and Vice Unit uses a myriad of investigative methods to arrest and prosecute criminals. The well-known practice of using undercover police officers is only one. However, the most important partnership involves members of the community taking a stand against illegal drug use and sales by reporting these activities to law enforcement.

Our most important weapon in the fight against illegal drug activity is a concerned citizen reporting suspicious activities. Information provided in this manner is invaluable and has led to numerous search warrants, arrests, and prosecutions of major drug offenders. This information can be provided anonymously by contacting the Narcotics Unit and leaving a message or speaking with an officer.

Because of active citizen involvement, the Narcotics Unit has served numerous search warrants for illegal drug activity in Cedar Rapids. Officers assist in having the offender(s) removed or evicted from the property through partnership with local landlords and property management organizations if evidence of illegal drugs is found.


The Narcotics Unit investigates drug-related cash and property seizures with the intention of depriving drug dealers of illegally obtained assets. Thousands of dollars have been recovered and returned to the taxpayer each year from this practice.


The Narcotics Unit supports several other anti-drug activities as well. In cooperation with the Cedar Rapids Police Department and the Coralville Police Department, the Narcotics Unit assists the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. Property managers are taught how to avoid drug-dealing tenants, and how to identify and remove any problem tenants they may already have.

A police officer is assigned as the liaison officer for hotels and motels. Drug recognition classes are held for business staff, and a special pager number is provided that is answered 24-hours a day to assist in drug problems that hotels and motels may encounter with guests.

The Narcotics Unit also assists and provides training for other professional and special interest groups on a case-by-case basis.


  • Persons who engage in the following activities may or may not be involved with illegal drug use. If you notice these possible conditions, please contact the Narcotics Unit at the Cedar Rapids Police Department.
  • Lots of short duration traffic, in and out, and not consistent with normal guest patterns.
  • Suspicious persons hanging around outside the residence, acting as lookouts, or who constantly hail passing vehicles.
  • Unusual odors or smoke. Chemical smells can indicate dangerous drug manufacturing methods; smoke can be an indication of marijuana or crack cocaine use.
  • Firearms or weapons displayed near doors or other places where they can be accessed quickly.
  • Large amounts of currency displayed or hand to hand exchanges between persons.


For more information, or to report suspicious activity, please contact the Narcotics Bureau at 319-286-5420 or Linn County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-CS-CRIME.

The commander of the Narcotics and Vice Unit is Sergeant Nick Nolte, phone 319-286-5487.


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