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Police Chief Search Underway

The City of Cedar Rapids is in the process of searching for a new Chief of Police. We are working with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to conduct a nationwide search. IACP has extensive experience in conducting national searches and placing police chiefs.

We are committed to keeping the community informed and engaged throughout the search process. Regular updates will be posted on this webpage.

Search Process: Current Phase

Accepting Applications

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Applications are now being accepted for the open position. View the candidate brochure. The deadline to apply is October 15, 2023.

The City is engaging in a nationwide search, dedicated to finding a leader who can build trust between our residents, the Police Department, and the larger community. To achieve this, IACP will leverage an extensive network of law enforcement professionals and marketing best practices in their outreach effort. The position posting was created by a community-feedback-driven process to shape a candidate profile.

Search Process: Overview

  1. Consultant Identification & Selection
    • The City used a competitive RFP process, and
    • International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) is the selected firm.

  2. Candidate Profile Creation
    • IACP undertook a thorough exploration to determine the qualifications required for the ideal Chief of Police candidate. This process included:
      1. Stakeholder interviews to gather diverse perspectives,
      2. A detailed job analysis to understand the intricacies of the role,
      3. An evaluation of the policing environment to comprehend challenges and opportunities, and
      4. Community and Department engagement through surveys.
    • These insights were instrumental in crafting a Police Chief candidate profile that reflects the needs of the position in serving our community.

  3. Marketing & Recruitment (Underway)
    • The position is open to applications, due 10/15; and
    • IACP is leveraging an extensive network of law-enforcement professionals and marketing best practices in their outreach efforts to recruit nationwide candidates.

  4. Screening & Evaluation (Future)
    • Once a pool of qualified candidates is identified, a screening process will narrow down finalists, through steps including a skills assessment and stakeholder interviews; and
    • The IACP will compile a detailed summary of each finalist to the City in a final report of Police Chief candidates.

***The process must be approved by the Civil Service Commission.

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About the Chief of Police

The Chief of Police in the City of Cedar Rapids is the highest-ranking law enforcement officer, responsible for managing and leading the police department while ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. They oversee all employees in the department, including the hiring and training process, and work with other law enforcement agencies and community organizations to maintain public safety.

The Police Chief is appointed by the City Manager, with the advice and consent of the Council. Currently, Tom Jonker is serving as interim Police Chief for the City of Cedar Rapids.

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