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The SAFE-CR program stands for Secure And Friendly Environments in Cedar Rapids. The program addresses conditions ranging from junked vehicles, building code violations, overgrown grass and/or weeds, sidewalks which were not shoveled, to conduct which is detrimental to the quiet enjoyment of neighbors. The SAFE-CR program plays a vital role in ensuring higher quality of life for the citizens of Cedar Rapids, preserving property values, controlling the costs of taxpayer funded services such as police, fire and property code enforcement, ensuring properties within the City limits are well maintained and are not resorted to for purposes of unlawful conduct or conduct which disturbs the peaceable use of surrounding properties.

SAFE-CR applies to all properties including rental, owner occupied, commercial and industrial. SAFE-CR meets with property owners regularly to help them devise plans to abate nuisances on their properties. By doing this the City has created a partnership with residents to work together to address problems.

Victims of Crimes

SAFE-CR does not apply Chapter 22A, Nuisance Properties, to residents who call the police for assistance, in situations of domestic abuse, or if someone is found to be a victim of a crime.  SAFE-CR staff attend neighborhood meetings and encourages residents to call the police if they believe a crime is being committed and/or they are in need of assistance. For example, if a resident calls for police assistance because their home has been burglarized and Police Officers find an illegal substance in the structure during their investigation, SAFE-CR would characterize the Police Call for Service as an unfounded call because the resident was calling for assistance.  Chapter 22A would not be applied.

Chapter 22A provides notice to property owners when City services are used excessively. Chapter 22A gives the property owner at minimum 15 days to abate the nuisance before they are billed for additional 22A violations. Additionally, any person aggrieved by Chapter 22A has the opportunity to appeal a Nuisance Property designation

Chapter 22A

Read City of Cedar Rapids Municipal Code
This ordinance has been updated to include all of the revisions that were suggested.

Chapter 22A Revisions 
This is a summary of the revisions made to the above updated Chapter 22A.

Resources for Property Owners
Find some of the most commonly requested resources for Property Owners.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Chapter 29
Read City of Cedar Rapids Municipal Code Chapter 29 "Housing Code"

Tenant Background Checks

How Do I Know if I Have Founded Nuisance Activity on My Property?

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