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Bid Results 

Beginning July 1, 2016, bid results will be posted to the appropriate project pages in the Rapids Reproductions online planroom.


  • Visit: http://rapidsrepro.com/planroom/
  • Click on the Cedar Rapids planroom
  • Sign-in with your user account
  • Choose the appropriate project
  • Click on the "Bid Information" tab
  • Bid tabulations will be located in the "Bid Documents" section of that page.

Summary of Bid History:

Project Name Project No. Bid Date Award To
West Side Infrastructure Removals 3311504-01 8/19/16 SulzCo, LLC
Northwood Dr. NE from South of Brookland Drive NE to 42nd St NE Roadway Reconstruction 3012115-02 7/13/16 Rathje Construction Co.
A Street SW East of 22nd Ave Storm Sewer Repair 304444-02 7/12/16 Yordi Excavating, Inc.
14th Ave SE from 36th St to 42nd St Roadway & Utility Improvements 3012127-02 6/28/19 Rathje Construction Co.
Curb Ramp Repair Project-NW Bid Pkg No. 3 3016016-04 6/29/16 Vieth Construction Corp.
FY 2016 Curb Repair Project 301998-08 6/8/16 Midwest Concrete, Inc.
West Post Rd NW from Gordon Ave NW to Plainview Dr. NW Roadway Reconstruction 3012120-05 6/1/16 Rathje Construction Co.
Curb Ramp Repair Project - NW Bid Package No. 2 3016016-05 6/1/16 Ti-Zack Concrete
1st Avenue NW N/o Between Rockvalley Ln and Stoney Creek Dr. Storm Sewer Imp 304442-02 5/31/16 BG Brecke, Inc.
29th St Dr. SE from 1st Ave to Tama St Roadway Improvements 3012126-02 5/25/16 Ricklefs Excavating Ltd.
8th Ave and 16th Ave Bridges over the Cedar River Expansion Joint Replacement 305130-02 5/18/16 Jasper Construction Services, Inc.
McCarthy Rd SE from West of Van Vechten Park Rd to Memorial Dr. SE Roadway & Utility Improvement 3012131-03 5/11/16 L.L. Pelling Co., Inc.
CR Police Dept Firearms Range Improvements - Phase II 310333-05 5/11/16 Kleiman Construction, Inc.
1st Ave Bridge Over Cedar River Repair Project 305132-02 5/4/16 Peterson Contractors, Inc.
Beverly Road SW Culvert Replacement 304421-02 4/27/16 Ricklefs Excavating Ltd
7th St SE from 4th Ave SE to 12th Ave SE Roadway Reconstruction & One-Way to Two-Way Conversion 3012111-04 4/27/16 Dave Schmitt Construction Co., Inc.
FY 2016 Sidewalk Repair Program - Contract No. 2 3017016-02 4/20/16 Possibilities Unlimited, LLC
26th St SW Improvements from 76th Ave SW to 60th Ave SW 3012004-02 4/13/16 BWC Excavating, LC
Curb Ramp Repair Project - NW Bid Pkg No. 1 3016016-04 4/13/16 Ti-Zack Concrete, Inc.
Flood Risk Control System NewBo/Parking Lot 44 Pump Station 3316510-10 4/6/16 Williams Brothers Construction, Inc.
2016 Sidewalk Infill Project, Phases 1 & 2 3012074-02 3/30/16 Midwest Concrete
8th Ave SW Roadway Imp from L St SW to 7th St SW 3012151-02 3/30/16 Vieth Construction Corp
Cedar Riverwalk 2nd Ave to 3rd Ave SE 3315507-10 3/30/16 Hunt Construction Co., Inc.
Seminole Valley Rd NE - Sanitary Sewer Imp Project, 42nd St from Seminole Valley Rd NE to Edgewood Rd NE 3012116-02 3/23/16 Rathje Construction Company
Edgewood Rd NW Roadway Improvements from E Ave NW to F Ave NW 301689-02 3/16/16 Eastern Ia Excavating, LLC
Oakland Rd NE from H Ave NE to J Ave NE Pavement Rehabilitation 3012099-02 2/24/16 Dave Schmitt Construction
Overhead Sign Structures on 7th St NE from I-380 to 1st Ave 306228-01 2/17/16 Price Industrial Electric Inc.
400 1st Ave NE - Five Seasons Parkade Structural Repairs 635132-02 2/17/16 Western Specialty Contractors
B Ave NW from Highland Dr. NW to 8th St NW Roadway Imp 3012091-02 2/10/16 Pirc Tobin Construction
D Ave NW at 26th St Storm Sewer Improvements 304439-02 2/9/16 Yordi Excavating
27th St SW Between 28th Ave & 29th Ave Culvert 304396-02 2/3/16 Ricklefs Excavating, Ltd.
West Post Rd NW from Plainview Dr. NW to E Ave NW Roadway Reconstruction 3012120-04 2/3/16 Rathje Construction Co.
West Post Rd SW South of Beverly Rd Drainage Improvements 304450-02 2/2/16 Connolly Construction, Inc.
Hidden Hollow Ln East of 16th St NW Storm Sewer Improvements 304441-02 2/2/16 SulzCo, LLC
42nd St NE from I-380 to Wenig Rd NE Pvmt & Water Main Rehab 3012092-02 1/27/16 Rathje Construction
1st Ave East South of 24th St Dr. SE Storm Sewer Improvements 304391-03 1/27/16 Rathje Construction
74th Street NE from White Ivy Pl to C Ave NE Roadway Improvements 3012050-02 1/13/2016 Horsfield Construction
Sanitary Sewer Quad Flood Repairs NW and SW Lining Pkg #8 SSD103-15 1/6/2016 Municipal Pipe Tool Co. LLC
Veterans Memorial Stadium Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance 314100-02 12/23/15 Tricon Construction
1st Ave East from 27th to 29th and 31st to 34th St Utility Replacement 301240-07 12/16/15 Pirc-Tobin Construction
2016 Tree and Vegetation Removal 301990-09 12/16/15 CAJ Enterprises Inc. dba Chris Jones Trucking
Sanitary Sewers Quadrant Flood Repairs Northeast and Southeast Lining Package #7 SSD102-08 12/9/15 Municipal Pipe Tool Co. LLC
2015 Sidewalk Ramp Improvements 3016016-02 11/25/15 Curtis Contracting Corp.
SE Quad Sanitary Sewer Imp Phase 2 Pkg 5 SSD104-09 11/18/15 Dave Schmitt Construction
Veterans Memorial Stadium Ribbon Message Board 314354-03 11/18/15 Daktronics, Inc.
1st Ave East North of  21st St NE Storm Sewer Intake Improvements 304438-02 11/10/2015 Eastern Iowa Excavating & Concrete LLC
Sanitary Sewers Quadrant Flood Repairs, 27 to 36 Inch, Lining Pkg #6 SSD011-08 11/4/15 Insituform Technologies USA, LLC
East Side Sanitary Sewer Interceptor Repairs SSD013-04 10/28/15 Municipal Pipe Tool Co., Inc.
Jupiter Ave NW West of Wiley Blvd Drainage Improvements 304440-01 10/28/15 Ricklefs Excavating, Ltd.
NW Quad, 2008 Flood, Sanitary Sewer Repairs, Phase 2, BId Pkg 3 SSD101-09 10/28/15 Rathje Construction Co.
18th St NW South of B Ave Sanitary Sewer Point Repair 6550019-01 10/21/15 Pirc-Tobin Construction
NE Quadrant, 2008 Flood, Sanitary Sewer Repairs, Phase 2, Bid Pkg 5 SSD102-06 10/14/15 Dave Schmitt Construction
Prairie Creek from J St to Cedar River Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction Phase 3 SSD011-06 10/7/15 SM Hentges & Sons, Inc.
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