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Blairs Ferry Road NE Sidewalk Infill From North Towne Place NE to Sammi Drive NE

Key Details:

The project will be filling in sidewalk gaps on both sides of Blairs Ferry Road NE. The south side includes a sidewalk from North Towne Place NE east to Sammi Drive NE. The north side includes a sidewalk from 1906 Blairs Ferry Road NE (city limits) east to Sammi Drive NE.  The project also includes the reconstruction of ramps at intersections to meet ADA requirements,  as well as some select driveway approaches and parking lots as necessary.


Start of Construction: Spring, 2024.
End of Construction: Fall, 2024.

Traffic Impacts During Construction: Lane closures and driveways will need to be constructed half at a time to maintain access. 

Improvements: New sidewalk, sidewalk ramps,  new driveways, and grading/restoration.

Public Meeting Slideshow (8/10/23)

E Avenue NW Watershed Improvements

 In 2014, Cedar Rapids suffered a large and intense rainfall event that dropped an estimated 3.5 to 5.5 inches of rain across the E Avenue NW watershed over six hours with a peak intensity exceeding 8 inches per hour. This event alone caused reported incidents of impassable streets, cars moved by floodwaters, and flooded basements. The flash flooding affected residential properties, businesses as well as numerous community lifelines and critical facilities.

The City’s ongoing Stormwater Masterplan effort has identified two key capital improvement projects within the E Avenue NW watershed to help reduce downstream flooding: E Avenue NW Stormwater Detention Basin and Storm Sewer Construction along 10th Street NW.


E Avenue NW Stormwater Detention Basin (Hagen’s 2nd Addition)
  • This project will expand an existing stormwater detention basin. The proposed improvements will increase storage capacity, restore wetland and oxbow features, and plant native vegetation which will reduce flood risks within the watershed and provide ecological uplift to a highly urbanized environment

Storm sewer construction along 10th Street NW (downstream of the detention basin)
  • The new storm sewer ‘cross-connection’ will link two existing storm sewers underneath B Avenue NW and D Avenue NW to better leverage the excess hydraulic capacity of existing infrastructure during intense rain events which will also reduce flooding risks.

The City has packaged both projects together and applied for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funding. FEMA is now asking the public for input on the proposed project or potential project alternatives. See the link below to view the Final Public Notice which includes a map of the project areas and instructions on how to provide comments to FEMA. All comments are due by August 11, 2023.

View FEMA Final Public Notice

LightLine Loop

Building off the 2019 Czech Village | NewBo Master Plan, the City is reviving an area of this historic area that was destroyed in the 2008 floods. This project, called LightLine Loop, will be a space for community gatherings, events, and recreation. 

  • Anticipated Construction: Spring 2025 - Summer 2026 
  • Project Components: The LightLine Loop project will include a roundhouse, Woonerf, pedestrian plaza, parking lot, extended 18th Avenue SW, and gateways.   

This project will be a benefit to a growing community. Currently, in the visioning and design phase, the LightLine Loop will be a space for all residents to enjoy.   

Learn more about this project.


Bowling Street SW from 33rd Avenue to C Street Trail Extension

Key Details:

The project will be updating the recreational trail located on the west side of Bowling Street and also will be reconstructing sidewalks on the east and west sides of Bowling Street, from 20th Avenue until C Street SW. The intersection of Bowling Street and Wilson Avenue will be reconstructed into a mini roundabout.


Start of Construction: Spring, 2024

Traffic Impacts During Construction: Trail, road shoulder, and sidewalk work, lane closures; as well as temporary pavement and minor detours during critical components of the roundabout construction.

Improvements: New trail and sidewalk, sidewalk ramps,  new driveways, retaining walls, and grading/restoration.

View the Public Meeting slideshow here (6/28/23)


42nd Street NE at Seminole Valley Road NE Railroad Crossing Improvements

Key Details:
The railroad crossing near 42nd Street NE and Seminole Valley Road NE is the residents' only access point into the neighborhood west of the railroad tracks. Should a vehicle-train crash cause the closure of this intersection, access to the neighborhood may be blocked. This project is designed to limit the risk of vehicle-train collisions at the railroad crossing through improved signage and additional railroad crossing safety measures.

  • Start of Construction: December 7, 2022 (three weeks of work)
  • Traffic Impacts During Construction: Minor road shoulder work, no lane closures
  • Improvements: New railroad signal (completed by railroad forces), pavement marking, signage, storm sewer, minor pavement work, and grading/restoration

Project Components:

  • Railroad Safety Enhancements
    • New railroad signals and gate arms at 42nd Street/Seminole Valley Road and Iowa Northern Railroad crossing
    • Advanced flashing signage when the crossing signal is activated
  • Street Work
    • Pavement markings and signage to provide better guidance through the crossing, and minor pavement work.

This small but important project will provide needed safety enhancements at the existing railroad crossing. This project is a joint safety improvement project between the City, Linn County, Iowa DOT Rail Bureau, and Iowa Northern Railroad. The project is being funded with a 90% grant from the Rail Transportation Bureau with matching funds of 5% being provided by the Iowa Northern Railroad and the other matching 5% funds covered by Linn County and the City. 

1st Avenue & CeMar Trail (27th Street - 34th Street)

  • Construction: 2020-2021
  • Traffic Impacts: Lane reductions will be in effect, with temporary side street closures.
  • Improvements: Pavement reconstruction, utilities, pedestrian underpass at the CeMar trail, sidewalk, driveways, streetscaping, traffic signal upgrades, realignment of 27th Street intersection 

Last year, significant progress was made on the pedestrian underpass between 29th Street and 32nd Street. Crews removed the old railroad bridge, constructed temporary travel lanes, and worked on underground utilities throughout the winter. Work has resumed on the construction of the new pedestrian underpass and utility and pedestrian improvements, which will be completed during the 2021 construction season. The work this year will also include realigning the 27th Street intersection to improve sight visibility and reduce crashes. 

2021 Construction at a Glance

  • Segment: 27th Street - 28th Street; east side of 31st Street - 34th Street
  • Completion of a pedestrian underpass
  • 27th Street intersection realignment to improve sight visibility and reduce crashes
  • Modifying on-street parallel parking at 3200 block:  including on-street ADA parking spaces, functional 6’ sidewalk, street trees, brick pavers, and paved area 
Pedestrian Safety Enhancements

  • New pedestrian-friendly traffic signals at 27th Street, 29th Street, and 32nd Street
  • Sidewalk repairs and ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps at all intersections
  • The completion of the ADA-compliant pedestrian path under 1st Avenue, with continuous LED lighting
Construction Updates: Read the construction newsletters 
CeMar Trail Connection: view a map

1st Avenue E (10th Street - 12th Street)

  • Construction: 2021
  • Traffic Impacts: Single-lane closures (one lane open in each direction). One lane is maintained on Coe Road / 12th Street at all times. Access will be maintained to all businesses and medical facilities.
  • Improvements: The project includes pavement repairs, curb, and gutter repairs; sidewalk replacement and ADA improvements; and replacement of traffic signals at 1st Avenue and 12th Street. As part of the project partnership with MedQuarter, aesthetic improvements are also included, such as decorative brick pavers, colored sidewalks, tree planting, and street light upgrades (privately funded).

Edgewood Road NE (Town Centre Way Blairs Ferry Road)

  • Construction: 2021
  • Traffic Impacts: Lane reductions and temporary side street closures; temporary night closures
  • Improvements: Replacing the pavement, modifying the traffic signals, adding pedestrian accommodations, and establishing additional turn lanes at the intersection of Edgewood Road and Blairs Ferry Road. The project's first phase, between Highway 100 and Town Centre Way, was completed in 2020.

Tower Terrace Road Phase 1 (C Avenue to Alburnett Road)

  • Construction: Tentative 2021+
  • Improvements: A joint project with the City of Marion, the project stretches from C Avenue to Alburnett Road. Preliminary plans for the intersections and roadway extension include a roundabout at Tower Terrace Road and C Avenue, and Tower Terrace Road & Barnsley Lane.  The project is still in the preliminary design phase, with the final design and construction schedule still being finalized based on the timing of funding. Construction on the first phase on the easterly end of the project would start no sooner than 2021. 
  • Learn more: Tower Terrace project | Download the most recent open house flyer

Quiet Zone
The City of Cedar Rapids has been studying and working towards implementing a train horn quiet zone along the 4th Street rail corridor through the downtown and NewBo areas for the last several years. Learn more about this initiative. 

Trail Construction

Cedar Valley Nature Trail

  • Area: Over the next three years, changes to the Cedar Valley Nature Trail will be underway from J Ave NE to Cedar Lake as permanent flood control comes online.
  • Construction: 2020 - 2023
  • Improvements: Flood control projects will rework the alignment of the trail and include a separate trail bridge over McLoud Run Creek, an underpass for Shaver Road, and a 15’ wide trail on top of a levee.
  • The levee and trail system will include amenities such as a trail parking lot, pedestrian benches, and scenic viewpoints.
  • A temporary detour will be in place to bypass this area until the completion of the flood control work.

CeMar Trail 

  • Area: When complete, the CeMar Trail will provide a connection from Cedar Lake to Marion
  • Completed Segments: Bike lanes currently connect Cedar Lake to Daniels Park, and work has already been completed to continue the trail connection alongside the Mount Mercy University Athletic Complex and further east toward 29th Street NE
  • 2020 Improvements: H Avenue NE from Cedar Lake Loop Trail (west of Shaver Road) to Oakland Road. 6-foot wide sidewalks, on-street bike lanes, stormwater drainage improvements, and ADA enhancements.
  • 2021 Improvements: The final segment will be completed in 2021 and will include a pedestrian underpass at 1st Avenue E between 29th Street and 32nd Street, where it will connect with Marion’s segment near Mt. Calvary Cemetery

Cherokee Trail 

  • Area: The Cherokee Trail will connect the Ellis Trail and Downtown to neighborhoods and destinations on the far west side including Jacolyn Park, Cherry Hill Park, and Morgan Creek Park near Highway 100.
  • 2020 Improvements: E Avenue NW, from the Morgan Creek Park entrance to Stoney Point Road; continues south from Stoney Point Road to Cherry Hill Park. Trail, pavement, and pedestrian/sidewalk upgrades.
  • 2021-2023 Improvements: Between Cherry Hill Park and Cherokee Park. 
  • Completed: Trail work connecting Morgan Creek Park to Cherry Hill Park, including a section of trail through Cherry Hill Park, has already been completed.

Edgewood Road Trail

  • Area: East side of Edgewood Road, from Ellis Road NW to the Cedar River bridge
  • Construction: 2020 - 2021
  • Improvements: The 10’ wide trail also incorporates sidewalk and ADA improvements
  • Traffic Impacts: Periodic lane reductions on northbound Edgewood Road
  • Completed: The segment from O Avenue to Ellis Road NW was completed in 2019, which included traffic signal and sidewalk/ADA improvements for trail access
  • Future Segments: Future segments will extend the trail from the Cedar River Bridge to Glass Road NE and eventually to Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Boyson Rd, and County Home Rd

Sac and Fox Trail Extension 

  • Area: The Sac and Fox Trail Extension will ultimately connect the Sac and Fox trailhead at East Post Road SE with the CeMar Trail at 20th Street NE.
  • 2021 Improvements: An off-street trail segment will be completed during construction on Cottage Grove Avenue SE from 1st Avenue to Forest Drive.

Recently Completed Road Projects

Bowling Street SW (50th Avenue to Wilson Avenue)

  • Construction: 2020 - 2021
  • Traffic Impacts: Lane reductions during the 2021 construction season
  • Improvements: Improvements last year included upgrades to the CRANDIC railroad crossing between 49th Avenue Drive SW and 43rd Avenue SW (new street crossing, new rail signal, and trail/sidewalk crossing upgrades. This year, construction will focus on pavement improvements on Bowling Street SW, between 50th Avenue SW and Wilson Avenue SW. In addition to pavement repairs, Bowling Street SW will also be converted from four lanes (two lanes in each direction) to three lanes (one lane in each direction with a dedicated center turn lane). This layout results in fewer rear-end crashes and improves safety by providing a shared middle turn lane for drivers making left-hand turns, without impacting traffic flow.

1st Avenue East (6th Street - 10th Street)

  • Completed: 2020
  • Partnership with the MedQuarter (streetscape and aesthetic improvements privately funded)
  • Public Improvements: Asphalt, curb, gutter, sidewalk, and ADA improvements, new or modified traffic signals at 7th St, 8th St, and 10th St., two new northbound lanes on 8th Street for easier I-380 access
  • Private Improvements: Decorative brick & concrete parkway pavers, tree planting beds, decorative parking lot screening, street light upgrading, landscaping, and benches

1st Avenue East (2nd Street - 5th Street)

  • Completed: 2020
  • Improvements: Raised medians for pedestrian refuge; flashing pedestrian signals; additional pushbuttons in the center median for those crossing too late in the cycle; decorative fencing, landscaping, and parking restrictions to reduce unsafe mid-block pedestrian crossings; trail and crosswalk moved from the west side of the railroad tracks to the east side

Williams Boulevard and Dean Road SW 

  • Completed: 2020
  • Improvements: A Roundabout was installed to address the history of crashes. Learn more about the Williams and Dean project

Collins Road NE (Twixt Town Road - Northland Avenue)

  • Years of Construction: Spring 2018 – 2019 
  • Construction cost: $7.4 million, City-funded portion of the project is 24%
  • Improvements: Additional travel lanes, additional turn lanes, traffic signals with pedestrian push-buttons, and stormwater management.
  • Learn more: Collins Road project

10th Street SE (5th Avenue - 8th Avenue)

  • Completed: 2019
  • Construction Cost: $1.8 million
  • Improvements: Pavement reconstruction, ADA-compliant sidewalks, on-street bike lanes, and streetscape improvements meet the goals of the MedQuarter Parkway Improvement Plan.

Downtown Two-Way Conversions 
In 2015, the City began converting one-way streets to two-way streets to make the downtown district easier to navigate, enhance opportunities for pedestrians and cyclists, and support the district’s ongoing economic development. Two-way streets have also been shown to reduce travel speeds and create a pedestrian-friendly environment. Learn more: Two-Way Conversions

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