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Cleanout from ready-mix trucks, concrete mixing equipment, and tools can be a significant contributor to stormwater pollution.  Following best practices can ensure that concrete waste and wash water does not contaminate our stormwater. 

Best Practice for Preventing Stormwater Pollution
Concrete and mortar application: Never dispose of concrete washout into driveways, streets, gutters or drainage ditches. Wash concrete mixers and equipment only in specified washout areas, where the water flows into lined containment ponds. Concrete wash water can be recycled by pumping it back into cement mixers for reuse.
Marking and Maintenance: Make sure that you have a clearly marked washout area on site and that it is properly maintained. 
Alternatives to Concrete Washout: Concrete washout bags can be utilized for sites that do not have a concrete washout.  The Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency is a permitted disposal facility for concrete bags. 
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