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Many tools and activities are available for learning about and teaching all things water-related. 

Water-Related Educational Tools
EPA Surf Your Watershed 

Learn of current activities going on in your watershed
EPA Water Science

Find access to scientific data and technologies that support clean water legislation.
USGS Science in Your Watershed 

Find a wealth of information and resources for science in your watershed
EPA Homework Resources and Ideas

Games, lesson plans, publications, and other environmental education resources

Iowa's STORET/WQX Water Quality Database

Ambient water quality program provided by the IDNR that collects and provides water quality data on Iowa's lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands, and groundwater. 

Water-Related Activities for Kids

EPA Kids Page  
A host of water-related activities and games for all age groups  
Hidden Trash
Stormwater Runoff Challenge
Word Scramble Game
Fun Facts Matching Game

Water-Related Recordings, Presentations, and Webinars

Science Friday   

Stream Table

How Old Is Water?

EPA Webinar Series 
History and Evolution of the Clean Water Act
National Stormwater Calculator
EPA Watershed Academy Webcast Seminars

Pollution Prevention Stormwater Videos

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