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Ellis Boulevard NW Connector

Project Phase:

Construction Start: May 2023

Construction Update: (9.20.23)

Ellis Boulevard NW between 1st Avenue and F Avenue is completely open and available for traffic use.  The overall project includes additional work beyond that corridor, and the next phases of the project continue.  Construction work at the end of the 1st Avenue exit ramp on the north side of 1st Avenue is finished and the street is open, but work continues on the south side at 1st Avenue and L Street SW. including ADA sidewalk ramp improvements and pedestrian pushbuttons.  The removal of the southbound portion of 3rd Street NW is also in progress.  Upcoming work includes median adjustment on 1st Avenue between 5th Street and 6th Street to accommodate turning changes at 5th Street.   The overall project is on schedule to be completed this construction season. 

Project Background:

The Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization (CMPO) has approved $1,808,000 of Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) funding for this project, and the City Council approved Agreement No. 6-20-STBG-SWAP-021 for this project on October 26, 2021.  In addition, the Iowa DOT has approved $485,000 of Traffic Safety Improvement Program (TSIP) funding for the project.   This project will extend 6th Street NW from its terminal point north of B Avenue and connect it with the intersection of Ellis Boulevard and E Avenue. The work involves new pavement construction where the road does not currently exist.  We will renovate the existing 6th Street NW from B Avenue to 1st Avenue. The project will also include a water main extension, sidewalk, railroad crossing additions and removals, on-street bicycle facilities, and roundabout construction at both E Avenue and F Avenue.  The intersection of 5th Street NW and 1st Avenue will be converted to a ¾-access intersection and the traffic signal will be removed.  The railroad Union Pacific Railroad crossings at I Avenue NW, 10th Street SE, B Avenue/C Avenue NW, the pedestrian crossing between 1st Avenue E and 2nd Avenue SE, and the pedestrian crossing between 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue SE will be closed as a part of this project. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2022 with completion in the fall of 2023. 

Planned Improvements:
Planned roadway improvements include roadway replacement and new roadway construction. New railroad crossing, improved stormwater, sanitary sewer, and water main improvements, and installation of ADA-compliant sidewalks and ramps.  Roundabout construction at both E Avenue and F Avenue NW.  The new railroad crossing involves the closure of three existing railroad crossings.  Railroad crossings that will close are located at I Avenue NW, 10th Street SE, and B Avenue/C Avenue and 6th Street NW.  The closure of 3rd Street NW is also included in this project. 

Reference Materials:
Virtual Project Presentation (Design - 2021)
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