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When doing home construction projects or remodels, many materials are used or generated that can contribute to stormwater pollution if not contained on site and handled properly.  

Tips for Home Construction and Remodeling Activities 

  • Keep construction debris away from curbs, streets, and storm drains.  

  • Prevent sediment from leaving your site by covering fill, sand, and other similar materials with a plastic tarp.  

  • Never dispose of concrete waste or washout onto driveways, sidewalks, curbs, streets, or in storm drains.  

  • Schedule grading and excavation projects during dry weather.  

  • Prevent erosion by planting fast-growing annual and perennial grass, which can shield and bind soil.

  • Cleaners, solvents and other toxic home improvement products should not be dumped in the garbage. Recycle them at a household hazardous waste collection facility. Contact the Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency’s Pollution Prevention Center at (319) 373-4771. 

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