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Lift Stations

The City's sanitary sewer system transports wastewater from residential, commercial, and industrial properties to the City's Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) for treatment. The sanitary sewer system relies on gravity to convey wastewater to WPCF.  Lift stations pump wastewater from low elevations to higher elevations for re-entry into the gravity sewer system. The stations are installed in areas where it is difficult or impossible to rely solely on a gravity sewer.

Lift Station Policy

In 2015, City Council adopted a new lift station policy [pdf].

The City’s lift station policy details criteria and conditions for the City to assume ownership of lift stations (and associated discharge piping) constructed by third parties. City lift station ownership generally improves operational consistency and facility maintenance. The lift station policy also provides guidance on the financial plan for ownership transfers.

Existing Lift Stations under Private Ownership

The lift station policy directs city staff to:

  • Facilitate appropriate upgrades to current Iowa DNR standards, and
  • Facilitate the transfer of ownership from private to public.

Existing lift stations may maintain private ownership if the owner chooses not to transfer the lift station to the City. See the lift station policy for additional details.

Proposed Lift Stations

The City does not allow new lift stations to be owned privately. The lift station policy directs city staff to:

  • Verify proposed lift stations are the lowest cost option compared to constructing a gravity sewer extension, and
  • Ensure developers installing new lift stations:
    • Upsize the lift station to appropriately serve potential future development in the area, and
    • Establish a sewer extension area (or, “lift station district”) to recoup the City’s costs for an oversized facility.

See the lift station policy for additional details.


Lift Station Districts

The following lift station districts have been defined to date, and are subject to their respective conditions:

Lift Station District



Current Status

Wexford Heights



 Adopted September 11, 2018

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