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Paving for Progress Outreach 

Our commitment is to communicate the results of the program and to let you know when a project is coming to your neighborhood. Community outreach has been ongoing throughout the life of the program and aims to educate the public on the use of their tax dollars and the methods used to prioritize roads.
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5-Year Report 

This 5-Year Report lists all the projects that have been funded or partially funded through the local option sales tax between 2014 - 2018.

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Neighborhood Outreach

Paving for Progress projects have individual neighborhood meetings to discuss the project and address resident questions or concerns. These are typically held early in the life of a project, when designs have not yet been finalized and public input can be integrated before construction begins. 

Residents receive a written invitation to the meeting, and a summary and schedule of the work being planned. Additional correspondence is ongoing until the project is complete. 

Neighborhood meetings are held in an ADA-accessible location, typically within the neighborhood the project is taking place. Topics that are outlined during a neighborhood meeting include:

  • An overview of Paving for Progress and how roads are prioritized
  • A summary of the improvements planned for their specific neighborhood 
  • The anticipated traffic impacts
  • Project schedule
  • Contact information and resources to stay informed  

Press Releases 

Other Ways to Stay Informed

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