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Improper disposal of paint can lead to stormwater pollution. Never dispose of paint by dumping it down the drain, on your lawn, driveway, sidewalk, street, or directly into a storm drain.  

The Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency accepts hazardous materials free of charge for Linn County residents. No appointment is necessary. Contact the Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency at (319) 373-4771 or visit their website for more information.

Tips for Proper Handling and Disposal of Paint

  • Water-Based Paints Use water-based paints whenever possible.  They are less toxic than oil-based paints and easier to clean up.  Look for products labeled "latex" or "cleans with water."  

  • Never clean brushes or rinse paint containers on your driveway, street, or near a storm drain.  Clean water-based paints in the sink.  Clean oil-based paints with thinner, which can be reused by putting it in a  jar to settle out the paint particles and then pouring off the clear liquid for future use. 

  • Dried latex paint can be disposed of in the trash. 

  • When stripping or cleaning building exteriors with high-pressure water, block nearby storm drains and divert wash water onto a designated dirt area. 

  • Paint stripping residue and paints containing lead or tributyl tin are hazardous waste.  Sweep them up instead of hosing into the street and dispose of them safely at a household hazardous waste collection facility. 

  • Recycle leftover paint at a household hazardous waste collection facility, save it for touch-ups, or give it to someone who can use it, like a community volunteer organization.     

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