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2022 Project Highlights 

8th Avenue SW, from 15th Avenue to Rockford Road

  • IMPROVEMENTS: Removal and reconstruction of roadway pavement, and construction of new storm sewer and water main, located at 8th Avenue SW from 15th Street SW to Rockford Road SW, and Rockford Road SW from 8th  Avenue S to 3rd Avenue
  • TRAFFIC IMPACTS: Complete closure of Rockford Road during construction. Closure of 8th Avenue will be done in two sections, from Rockford Road to Kurt Warner way and then once that is complete closure from Kurt Warner Way to 15th Street. Access to residences will be allowed as much as possible within the project limits.

6th Street SW, from 33rd Avenue to Wilson Avenue

  • IMPROVEMENTS: New asphalt road surface, utilities, new traffic signals at 33rd Avenue and Wilson Avenue and a pedestrian signal at 29th Avenue, a sidewalk on both sides of 6th Street SW, a transition from four lanes (two lanes each direction) to three lanes (one lane each direction with dedicated turn lane). 
  • TRAFFIC IMPACTS: Periodic full closures of side street intersections; two-way traffic maintained on 6th Street. Business access is open.

12th Avenue SE, from 7th Street to 17th Street

  • IMPROVEMENTS: Pavement improvements, water main, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, on-street bike lanes, and ADA sidewalk ramp improvements. 
  • TRAFFIC IMPACTS: Complete closures: 15th Street to 17th Street.

Cottage Grove Avenue SE, from Forest Drive to 34th Street

  • IMPROVEMENTS: Reconstruction of the intersection with Forest Drive along with pavement rehabilitation in the form of a crack and seat with HMA overlay; also includes joint repair, curb replacement, patching, and reconstruction of sidewalk ramps to meet ADA compliance.
  • TRAFFIC IMPACTS: Full closure, local access only.

Oakland Road/Old Marion Road NE, from Center Street to Regent Street

  • IMPROVEMENTS: Pavement improvements, water main, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, on-street bike lanes, sidewalk infill, and ADA sidewalk ramp improvements.
  • TRAFFIC IMPACTS: Complete closure during construction in 2022 between Miami Court and Regent Street. Access to businesses and residences will be allowed within the project limits.

O Avenue NW from Edgewood Road to 27th Street

  • IMPROVEMENTS: Complete roadway reconstruction, sidewalk, storm sewer, water main, sanitary sewer improvements, and installation of retaining walls in select areas. Private utility upgrades.
  • TRAFFIC IMPACTS: Two-way traffic is to be maintained as much as possible however there will be full closures throughout the project.

15th Avenue SW, from 4th Street to C Street

  • IMPROVEMENTS: Pavement patching, intersection reconstruction, installation of ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps, partial sidewalk improvements, diamond grinding, storm sewers, water main, and sanitary sewer improvements.
  • TRAFFIC IMPACTS: One-way traffic is to be maintained as much as possible however there will be periodic full closures throughout the project.

Center Point Road NE, Coe Road to Lincoln Avenue

  • IMPROVEMENTS: Generally consist of roadway reconstruction, water main, storm sewer, and sidewalk replacement.
  • TRAFFIC IMPACTS: Closure half at a time, local access will be maintained.

The full 2022 Paving for Progress list includes:

  • 30th Street Drive SE, Indian Creek to Carroll Drive
  • 6th Avenue SE, 17th Street to 18th Street
  • 40th Street Drive SE, 200’ west of Westover Road to City Limits
  • 40th Street Drive SE (250’ Asphalt Portion)
  • Cottage Grove Ave SE, Forest Drive to 34th Street
  • Trail Ridge Road SE, northern Indiandale Road intersection to Red Fox Road
  • East Post Road SE, Bever Ave to Indian Creek
  • 40th St SE, Soutter Avenue to Mt Vernon Road
  • 11th Avenue SE at 5th Street SE
  • 18th Street SE, 4th Avenue to 5th Avenue
  • 12th St SE, 5th Avenue to 6th Avenue
  • 6th Avenue SE, 12th Street to 14th Street
  • Forest Drive SE, Grande Avenue to Blake Boulevard
  • 5th Avenue SE, Forest Drive to Meadowbrook Drive
  • 22nd Avenue SW, Wiley Boulevard to Westdale Drive
  • 21st Avenue SW, Wiley Boulevard to Westdale Drive
  • Westdale Drive SW, 21Street Avenue to Wilson Avenue
  • Primrose Lane SW, 26th Street to 29th Street
  • 29th Street SW, Hickory Drive to Willow Street
  • 29th Avenue SW, Edgewood to House number 3207
  • 2nd Street SW, 4th Avenue to Diagonal Drive
  • 2nd Street SW, Diagonal Drive to 11th Avenue
  • 15th Avenue SW, 4th Street to C Street
  • C Street SW, Bowling Street to Wilson Avenue
  • 6th Street SW, 33rd Avenue to Wilson Avenue
  • Chandler Street SW and 20th Street SW Loop
  • Hidden Hollow Lane NW, Whitters Way to Greentree Court 
  • Greentree Court NW, Hidden Hollow Lane to the cul-de-sac
  • Janice Drive NW, Johnson Avenue to Dennis Drive
  • Josephine Lane NW, Johnson Avenue to Dennis Drive
  • B Avenue NW, Highland Drive to 18th Street NW
  • J Avenue NW, 11th Street to 13th Street
  • 8th Avenue SW, 15th Avenue to Rockford Road
  • 12th Avenue SE, 7th Street to 17th Street
  • O Avenue NW, 27th Street to Edgewood Rd
  • Prairie Drive. NE, Eastern Avenue to G Avenue
  • Glen Elm Drive, NE, Wenig Road NE to 42nd Street
  • Glen Elm Terrace NE, Glen Elm Drive to Sally Drive
  • Sally Drive, NE, Falcon Drive to 42nd Street
  • 51st Street NE, Center Point Road to new concrete by McGrath Auto
  • C Avenue NE, 24th Street to 27th Street
  • E Avenue NE, 29th Street to 32nd Street
  • Center Point Road NE, Coe Road to Lincoln Avenue
  • Broderick Dr. NE, C Ave to Dead End
  • Sanden Rd NE, East Milburn to Dead End
  • Oakland Rd NE, Center St to Regent St
  • 1st Avenue E, Collins Road to Tama Street


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