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North Segment: Time Check & Cedar Lake Area

Northwest Neighborhood Detention Basins // 2019–25 Sinclair Detention Basin
  • Hold excess rain water until it can be safely pumped back into the Cedar River
  • Serve as a “bowl” during heavy rain events, reducing stormwater runoff and neighborhood flash flooding. Locations and schedule include:
  • 2019 – north of the Northwest Recreation Center
  • 2022 – south of E Avenue NW and west of 28th Street
  • 2024 – north of O Avenue NW and west of Edgewood Road
  • 2025 – south of O Avenue NW and east of Highwood Drive
6th Street NW Extension to Ellis Blvd NW // 2022–23map of 6th street
  • Extends 6th Street NW through former Mid-American site, to Ellis Blvd NW, opening connectivity into Time Check neighborhood
  • New connection for traffic, pedestrians, bikes, transit
  • Includes sidewalk, bike lanes, brick pavers, raised medians, and utility improvements
  • Integrated with permanent flood control plans in Time Check
  • $8 million investment
Shaver Road NE Bridge Elevation // 202023
  • Extension and partial demolition of existing box culvert, utility relocations (2020 – 2021)
  • Shaver Road bridge replacement/elevation and trail underpass (2021 – 2022)
  • Environmental improvements to streambed (2021 – 2023) 
  • McLoud Run Culverts (2020 - 2023)
  • Shaver Road Bridge (2020 - 2023)
Cedar Valley Nature Trail Improvements // 202023Resident bike-riding along lake
  • Trail currently closed from 10th Street NE, along McLoud Run, and south to the Cedar Lake Loop located at the northwest corner of Cedar Lake
  • Detour established along 10th Street NE
  • Flood control in this area will include a new levee and trail system west of Shaver Road and south of McLoud Run, with the trail built on top of the levee (similar to the Sinclair levee).
  • The levee and trail system will include amenities such as a trail parking lot, pedestrian benches, and scenic viewpoints.
  • When all flood control measures are completed in this area, it will wrap around Cedar Lake, tying into high ground at I-380 near J Avenue, and will protect homes and businesses threatened when the Cedar River backs up into McLoud Run and Cedar Lake
O Avenue NW Levee Gateway // TBD
  • Design concepts are underway to elevate O Avenue NW over a levee, serving as a gateway to the greenways.
  • The project will feature an ADA accessible ramp from the raised O Avenue to the Northwest Gateway & Memorial Plaza.
E & F Avenue NW reconfiguration // 2022 Phase 1
  • Will eliminate the complex geometry at the intersection where 1st Street NW, E Avenue NW, F Avenue NW, and the I-380 off-ramp all come together
  • The realignment will be a simplified, more intuitive design, and will accommodate permanent flood control measures such as a levee and pump station
Quaker Miter Gate // 2022 - 23
  • Flood gate crossing the railroad tracks near Quaker
Training Wall Phase 2 // 2023 - 24
  • Section of removable floodwall to train and prepare crews for flood response

Central Segment: Downtown & Kingston Village

E and F Avenue NE Floodgates under 5-in-1 Dam // 2022–23 
  • Located underneath I-380
  • Roller gates similar to 16th Avenue SE
  • Signal removals at E and F Avenue: precursor work to gate installation (2021)
  • Closures of E & F Avenue will be required during construction (timing and phasing TBD)
Tree of Five Seasons Park // 2022–23Five Seasons Park rendering with views of river
  • Sculpture elevated and realigned to accommodate levee
  • Pump station
  • Permanent full height floodwall with elevated park to allow views of the river
  • New bike trail connecting E Avenue with downtown
  • 1st Street will be reduced to one lane during construction
  • New landscaping and tree plantings (future project)
City Hall Flood Control //  2023–25City Hall flood control and trail
  • Trail connection established
  • Curb and ADA improvements on 1st Street SE
  • Temporary traffic signals in place during construction
2nd Avenue SE Floodgate // 2023 
  • Stackable / removable gate similar to 3rd Avenue SE floodgate
  • Includes a speed table at the trail crossing
  • 2nd Avenue will be closed during construction
4th Avenue Riverfront // 2024-25
  • Between Smulekoff’s and Hach building on 4th Avenue SE
  • Considerations include parking, preserving view of the river, trail enhancements, public access, etc.
  • Permanent and combination floodwalls incorporated 
Kingston Village Storm Sewer Consolidation // 2022
  • Consolidating underground storm sewer lines reduces our number of vulnerable river outlets
  • Consolidate and relocate storm sewer on 1st Street SW at 8th Avenue SW
  • The new lines will be redirected to a future pump station at 8th Avenue
CRST Pump Station // 2022-23
  • Pump Station in the CRST Building
1st Street SE Storm Sewer (5th Ave – 7th Ave SE) // 2022 - 2023 
  • Connects to future pump station
  • Reduces number of river outlets
  • One way traffic expected from 5th – 7th and weekend only full closures expected.
8th Avenue Bridge & Riverfront Improvements // 2024+8th Ave Bridge rendering
  • Elevated 15 feet, bridge to remain open during floods
  • Raised above 2008 volume
  • Fewer piers in river
  • Incorporates floodwall, pump station, and streetscaping/lighting
  • Incorporates indoor/outdoor public gathering spaces
  • Complements Amphitheatre
  • Trail component 
1st Avenue E Roller Gate // 2021 - 23

1st and 1st Traffic Signal // Spring 2023 - Fall 2023
  • Traffic and pedestrian signal upgrades in connection with the 1st and 1st development
Valor Way Storm/Sanitary // 2022 - 23
  • Relocating 1st Street away from the Flood Control System
1st Street from 380 to 2nd Avenue // 2023
  • Relocating 1st Street away from the Flood Control System

South Segment: NewBo & Czech Village

12th Avenue SE Floodgate // Summer 2022–Spring 2023
  • Roller gate, similar to 16th Avenue SE
  • Aesthetics to complement 16th Avenue SE gate
  • Paired with intersection improvements at 2nd Street for new roundabout
  • 12th Avenue Bridge elevation means west side does not require floodgate
  • Road will be closed to traffic
  • Trail detour established
  • Access maintained to African American Museum of Iowa
 Cedar River Trail CRANDIC- 16th Ave 2022 - 23
  • Replacement of Cedar River Trail
  • Detour established on 2nd Street SE
Czech & Slovak Museum & Library Floodwall // 2021–23Rendering of archway and floodwall
  • Permanent concrete floodwall from the 16th Avenue gate to the proposed pump station just south of the 12th Avenue Bridge
  • Includes a raised, terraced yard to accommodate outdoor activities at the museum and minimize the appearance of the floodwall
12th Avenue SW Pump Station // 2023 - 24
  • Largest pump station undertaken to date, located south of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge
  • Capacity anticipated to be over 100,000 gallons per minute (more than twice the size of the Parking Lot 44 Pump Station)
  • The aesthetics will complement and blend with the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library
Riverside Park Detention Basin // 2022 - 23
  • A detention basin will be constructed for river storage in the event of a flood until it can be safely pumped back into the Cedar River.
Riverside Skatepark and Playground // 2022 - 23
  • To accommodate detention basin construction, the skatepark and playground will be replaced and relocated at Riverside Park.
FCS Completed
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