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This program is intended to reduce or eliminate sanitary sewer backwater (back-up) damage.  The program is intended for properties in known sanitary sewer problem areas or areas that are susceptible to sanitary sewer surcharge conditions resulting in flooding damage.

If a property has experienced a sanitary sewer backup and is in a known problem area or is susceptible to sanitary sewer flooding damage, the City will provide assistance up to $800 towards the installation of a sanitary sewer backwater prevention valve or the actual cost of installation, whichever is less.  Installation and proper maintenance of a backwater prevention device will reduce the risk of future sanitary sewer flood damage to the property. 

Property owners are required to hire a qualified licensed plumber to perform the work and the work must be done in accordance with the Cedar Rapids plumbing code.  This would include obtaining a plumbing permit prior to the construction of improvements. 

If a property owner is interested in participating in this program, they will need to complete a Sanitary Sewer Backwater Prevention Device Reimbursement Agreement and return it to the Public Works Department, Engineering Division, prior to hiring a plumber. 

This City program is not intended to replace the property owner's insurance program options available for sanitary sewer back-ups or flood damage.  Insurance can be purchased to cover these risks and property owners should determine the amount of insurance required based on their individual situation.  Property owners should also take whatever additional actions they deem appropriate to reduce to eliminate the risk of flood damage, or sanitary sewer back-ups. 

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