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Public Works

Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 4:30 pm

(319) 286-5802

EMAIL: street@cedar-rapids.org

City Services Center
500 15th Ave SW
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404

(319) 540-8063


Streets Division

Streets are responsible for maintaining over 1,400 miles of City street through preventive maintenance including crack sealing, resurfacing, concrete repairs, and alley grading.  The maintenance staff is also responsible for snow removal during the winter, utilizing 92 pieces of equipment to clear streets within 12 hours after a snow event.  In the spring, these same crews sweep the City streets, collecting approximately 3,000 tons of debris that are screened and recycled for use on maintenance projects across the city and county.  The Streets Division responds and supports other City Departments in response to emergencies like flooding, high wind damage, and emergency water main breaks.

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Pavement Management:

  • Pothole patching, crack sealing, shoulder repair and road/alley grading, mud jacking, seal coating, point repairs in asphalt and concrete, and minor asphalt overlays.
  • Annually, crews fill over 170,000 potholes, seal 110 miles of cracks with sealant, apply roughly 13-15 miles of seal coat, and pour the equivalent of nearly 1.5 lane miles of concrete in over 50 spot repair locations


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Street Sweeping:

Did you know the City scoops up approximately 3,000 tons of discarded sand and other material each spring during street sweeping? This material is reused in a variety of ways to help cut down on landfill trips, waste, and costs. The discarded sand is sifted and stored for reuse. The material can also be reincorporated into road projects. The street sweeping season usually lasts between March and September. If you see a street sweeper, please give them room to do their job of reusing material and supporting sustainable operations!

Emergency and Environmental Response:

  • Installation of temporary flood mitigation measures, assistance during tree emergencies, street sweeping, dust control, and storm drainage
  • Crews average three sweeping rotations starting in early March through October


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