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The City of Cedar Rapids adopted SUDAS (Statewide Urban Design and Specifications), effective January 1, 2019. SUDAS and the Cedar Rapids Supplemental Documents will be followed by City staff as well as professional design and construction staff who work on City projects.
For questions or to provide feedback, please email SUDAS@cedar-rapids.org.

Iowa SUDAS Standards:

Cedar Rapids Supplement Documents: 
The current version of the Cedar Rapids Supplement Documents are the 2024 Editions.

Utility Installation in Paved Roadways



Benefits of Moving to SUDAS
There are many benefits to having a statewide standard, including:

  • Uniformity in construction materials, techniques, and designs;
  • Consistent standards between communities – which saves time and costs;
  • Ease of staying current with changes in technology and products;
  • Less “book-keeping” time required from City staff in maintaining a complete set of specifications and standards;
  • SUDAS is already currently used by many Eastern Iowa communities, and will replace the currently used Metropolitan Standard Specifications and Details. 

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