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Traffic Signals

The City maintains 187 traffic signals and 19 pedestrian crossing signals. Traffic signals are operated through fiber optic software that communicates with the signals, signal cabinets, and the Traffic Operations Center located at the City Services Center. dd

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons
Often found mid-block, these signals remain dark until activated by a pedestrian.

How Do They Work?

  1. A pedestrian presses the button and waits for the lights to activate.
  2. The signal turns yellow, and then turns solid red to alert drivers to come to a full stop. Pedestrians can cross once traffic has come to a stop. 
  3. The solid red transitions to flashing red; drivers come to a stop and then proceed if the crosswalk is clear.
Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon


  • Increase motorists’ attention
  • Can reduce pedestrian crashes by 69 percent, according to Federal Highway Administration
  • Eliminates driver delay
  • More economical than traditional traffic signals

Where to Find Them:

  • 42nd Street NE
  • C Avenue NE
  • 76th Avenue SW
  • 12th Avenue SE

Flashing Yellow Left-Turn Arrow
The Federal Highway Administration recently adopted the flashing yellow arrow as a way to improve safety for drivers attempting to make left turns at a signalized intersection.

How Do They Work?

  1. Drivers turning left see a flashing yellow arrow; 
  2. After yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, the driver turns left. 
  3. Oncoming a traffic has a green light.


  • The signal has been shown to reduce crashes;
  • Drivers find the flashing yellow arrow to be more understandable and intuitive than the traditional yield-on-green indications. 
  • The yellow caution color and the flashing of the light helps catch drivers’ attention, making them more aware of oncoming traffic and the need to yield before proceeding.

Accessible Pedestrian SignalsAccessible Pedestrian Signal
Designed specifically to support persons with visual impairment, Accessible Pedestrian Signals come equipped with locator tones and speech walk messages to give an individual audible cues that let them know when the signal has changed and it’s safe to cross the street. 

Features of the signals include:

  • Speakers 
  • Locator tone
  • Textured push-button directional arrow 
  • Street name written in Braille 
  • Automatic volume adjustment

Where to find them:
The City is updating to Accessible Pedestrian Signals whenever signal replacement is required or new signals are added as part of construction. You can currently find Accessible Pedestrian Signals at:

  • 1st Ave East at 3rd Street, 7th Street, 8th Street, 10th Street, 38th Street, and 40th Street East
  • 2nd Ave SE at 10th St SE
  • 3rd Ave SE at 7th Street, 8th Street, and 10th St SE
  • 4th Ave SE at 10th St SE
  • 8th Ave SE at 7th St SE
  • 10th St SE at 5th Ave SE
  • 8th Ave SW at 6th St SW
  • 16th Ave SW at 18th St SW
  • 6th St SW at 3rd Ave SW
  • Blairs Ferry Rd NE at Target Entrance
  • C Ave NE at Brentwood Dr NE, and Rockwelll Collins entrance
  • Center Point Road NE and 32nd St, and 29th St
  • Collins Rd NE at C Ave NE, and Lindale Drive NE
  • Council St SW at 51st SW
  • Edgewood Rd NW at E Ave, F Ave, O Ave, Ellis Blvd, and at Town Center Way NE
  • Edgewood Rd SW at Edgewood Pkwy SW
  • Kirkwood Blvd SW at 66th St SW
  • Mt Vernon Rd SE at E Post Rd SE, Memorial Drive SE, 38th St SE, 40th St, and at 42nd St SE
  • Wiley Blvd SW at 31st St SW

Leading Pedestrian Interval

  • Low-cost adjustments to signal timing to increase pedestrian safety at signalized intersections.
  • Gives pedestrians a 3- to 7-second head start before vehicles in the parallel direction are given the green signal indication
  • Helps reduce conflicts between pedestrians and left- or right- turning vehicles.
  • Positions the pedestrian within the crosswalk, decreasing the likelihood of a conflict or crash with a left- or right-turning vehicle ahead of the turning traffic.

Report a Malfunctioning Signal

  • Call Traffic Engineering at (319) 286-5176
  • After Hours Emergency: Call Police Department Dispatch at (319) 286-5491
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