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How-to Guide

Simple Steps to Submit a Concern or Inquiry:

  1. Sign-up or sign-in to the system to report a concern or inquiry and track the progress through completion. Alternatively, you can select the “submit anonymously” to submit a concern without having to register. Please note: if you choose to submit anonymously, automatic status updates will not be available to you.
  2. Select “Create New Item” to choose a service request category. Select a subcategory from the drop-down menu that best matches your concern or inquiry. Be sure to double click on the category name or click the + sign when selecting the category.
  3. If prompted, identify a location, type in the address in the box located in top right corner of the map or click on the location of your issue on the map to select a parcel.
  4. Click “Next” at the bottom of the page to confirm your location and proceed to the next screen.
  5. Attach an image if applicable and click “Next”
  6. Complete the requested information and add a detailed description. This is important to ensure your request is addressed promptly by the appropriate division.
  7. Click “Next” to confirm and proceed to the next screen.
  8. Select whether or not you would like receive status updates. Select email or text if you would like automatic updates.
  9. Submit your request.
  10. Your request or inquiry will be automatically submitted to the correct division.
  11. You will receive an email or text confirmation if you chose to receive status updates while logging your request.
  12. Once you have logged your request, you can send and receive updates via the “Discussion” tab within the request log.
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