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Derecho Recovery - Stump Grinding, Replanting & Environmental Healing Underway

Derecho Recovery - Stump Grinding, Replanting & Environmental Healing Underway

October 3, 2022

Work continues across the City following the devastating 2020 Derecho. Major milestones — including tree and non-organic debris removal, unhealthy tree removal, and right-of-way tree trimming — are complete. Ongoing environmental-healing efforts include stump grinding/site restoration and the ReLeaf effort to restore our tree canopy.

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Recent Updates

October 3, 2022 — The City’s stump grinding and site restoration program remains underway. The process is coordinated with the ReLeaf program and neighborhood construction projects. Workers are removing stumps along priority routes and in zones across the city. Residents can find a dashboard with a map of activity underway. Learn more.

A tree stump in the right-of-way.

Underway: Drainageway Cleanup

The City is working to cleanup drainageways with lingering tree debris.


A tree stump in the right-of-way.

Underway: Stump Grinding & Site Restoration

Staff from the Public Works and Parks & Recreation Departments are teaming up with private contractors to grind stumps in the public right-of-way and restore lawns following the work.


ReLeaf Cedar Rapids logo

Underway: ReLeaf Cedar Rapids

The ReLeaf plan provides a "green print" for leaders, volunteers, Trees Forever, and citizens to follow while rebuilding a health tree canopy. The plan includes planting of 42,000 trees along Cedar Rapids streets and in City parks.


Tree debris sits along the street awaiting collecton.

Completed: Tree Debris Removal

Neighborhood collection is complete. Learn about property owners' responsibilities and find resources for those in need to connect with additional help.

Learn more

A broken fence is displaced, scattered by strong winds

Completed: Non-organic Debris Removal

Curbside collection is complete. Find additional resources for disposal of nonorganic debris. 

Learn more

A tree grinder tears away at tree debris along the street.

Completed: Public tree inspections, trimming & removal

Tree inspections are complete. Healthy trees were trimmed and dangerous trees removed.


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Department, Division Phone Numbers

  • Parks & Recreation | Stump grinding, right-of-way replanting: 319-286-5747
  • Utilities, Solid Waste & Recycling | Tree debris nuisance abatement: 319-286-5897
  • Building Services | Building permits: 319-286-5831
  • Public Works, Right-of-Way | Right-of-way permits: 319-286-5777

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